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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
I forgot to mention I had another vomit attack after lunch. I need to complete the food diary, as per the Immunologist's request, but the linking factor is yoghurt. When I threw up earlier in the week, I'd had yoghurt as well. Not sure whether this is the original cause, or another. I suspect the latter, because when I vomited from tea the other day I'd only had one biscuit to eat. Bizarre how this food allergy - if that's what it is - has come out of nowhere.

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Maybe dairy? Have they done allergy tests? I can't remember if you said. My hubby recently had some done and it turns out he's allergic to milk.

They've done wheat and cow's milk, and both came up negative. Apparently there's a further test they can do for both, which I understood they did last week - not sure when I'll get the results for those. Perhaps it's some other ingredient in the yoghurt, or something to do with the way the milk has been processed. I'm not 100% convinced tea was the other cause, as I might have eaten yoghurts on those days. I'll need to stick with this detailed food diary...

is it the same brand of yoghurt all the time?

It has been two brands now. But both fairly rich creamy yoghurts, and both cherry strangely.

But then I felt sick this morning as well, and hadn't eaten anything. It's all so bloody confusing!

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