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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I must have been super tired. I went to bed at 9pm, and lay there watching TV. Within a couple of minutes I remember waking up from my head falling forward. This happened a couple of times more. To have fallen asleep so quickly... well as mentioned I must have been super tired!

Amélie had another of her 6pm sleeps, as per yesterday. So no dinner again either. She woke up around 2am, and that has been problematic. First Lu gave her a feed, but then when I put her back in the cot she wouldn't settle. I tried around 20 times, and though she was asleep, but then she woke up again in floods of tears. In case she was hungry I took her back to Lu for a feed. I thought she was sleeping again with Lu, but I can hear noises upstairs. I decamped to the Living Room because there was no room in the bed, and I didn't want to disturb them. Well I had 5 hours sleep anyway... gibber! These are the times I wish we had a spare room, more so with a spare bed.

I'm not feeling particularly well. Not sure if that's related to the earlier lunchtime reaction.

We had planned to have lunch with Mum and Dad today (or is that tomorrow?), but Mum's busy. Instead we're probably going to see and Nan - we definitely owe her a visit - and perhaps have lunch out somewhere followed by something National Trust-y, or maybe the A3 tunnels (if we can find the viewing point). That's assuming we can drag ourselves out of bed.

Edit: Woah, finding the car park to get to the north portal viewing platform for the A3 tunnel is not easy! The Highways Agency provide a very basic map, but give little in the way of reference points, and not even compass directions! Turns out the map is actually upside-down based on tradition i.e. up is south. Finding the National Trust Café car park isn't easy either, even via the National Trust's website. In fact the National Trust's website is almost completely useless. They give no directions, lat long, postcode, or even a Google Maps link! Their iPhone app is a lot better, curiously, giving a postcode and a Google Maps link, even if both resolve slightly to the west of the actual car park. Via a bit of hunting on Google Maps I'm 99% sure I spotted the car park. Why make it so difficult to find?! It mentions that the path to the portal is steep, so I'm thinking the carrier will be easier than the pram - and heck, we still need to use the carrier properly for the first time! (if it doesn't break my back) The map for the south viewing platform is even worse. I haven't got a clue as to how the referenced car parks and path link up.

Edit 2: Forgot to mention that Barry cancelled lunch today/tomorrow... Sunday. Reason being that Jo is ill. Hence why we've got other plans. If we're not too tired. Probably best if we can leave around 10:30-11am tomorrow to go and see Nan, and then take it from there.

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how pointless it is, making things extra hard for people

I know. Bizarre isn't it? Made doubly so by two different organisations being rubbish.

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