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BB Piano
A lovely day out today.

We uhmmed and aahed about going to see Nan first, but ended up taking a long drive while Amélie had her morning nap (the petrol wasted on children's naps!). We got to The Mill at Elstead for about 12:30pm, and luckily it wasn't too busy. The food and atmosphere there are fab, and it's one of my favourite pubs.

From there we went to The Devil's Punchbowl National Trust Café and parked. We crossed the A3, and tried to follow the path to the A3 Tunnel North Viewing Platform. It was all muddy, and certainly too steep for a pram - luckily we used the back carrier for the first time. It got to a point where we almost turned back, due to the combination of slippery mud and lethal path, but I was keen to see the damn thing, and eventually we got there.

The walk back was even worse, because it involved a steep hill, but we made it. Then we stopped off in the café for a recuperative drink. The back carrier was mostly a success. I could certainly feel it on my shoulders after a few minutes (Amélie's around 10kg now), and for some reason Amélie kept tilting to the left but we couldn't identify why, she seemed perfectly happy jigging along though. I'm sure we can use it for 2-3 hours at a time, as long as it doesn't involve steep walks. We drove back to Farnham and stopped off to see Nan. She was pretty well, relatively speaking, although she still can't remember whether Amélie is a boy or a girl (or that she's called Amélie). Aside from asking that repeatedly she kept going on about when I was a toddler in Cyprus, how I haven't changed (re. my laugh, among other things), and saying that Lu has a lovely face. It was great just to see her smiling.

From there we went to Mum and Dad's. Mum was out, and arrived just as we were planning to leave. We were keen for Amélie to have a 5pm nap, as if she was tired she would sleep in the car, so eventually headed off. We stopped at the local Tesco Express with a view to getting the local papers, but they were completely sold out. On the way out I bumped into an old school friend, Ben, who I haven't seen in 20 years. I wouldn't have recognised him, but we met up again on Facebook so I've seen recent photos of him. We agreed to try and organise a proper meet up. Coincidentally his wife teaches music classes in Guildford for babies, which Ed & Ana go to.

Unfortunately we didn't get away from Farnham until gone 5:30pm, and Amélie slept just as we arrived in Fleet. She's now completely dead to the world, and Lu's gone to have a sleep as well, as she's tired. I'm guessing this means another confused night with Amélie, but as we won't be able to wake her up we don't have much choice.

Some photos from today...

Where's My Dinner?

^Amélie grabs Lu's knife and fork, and does a pretty good job of holding them.


^My lunch! Nom.

A3 Tunnel North Viewing Platform

^What we walked all the way to see - the opening to the north end of the A3 tunnel.

Amélie & I

^Amélie in her carrier, with me providing support.

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If the carrier was pulling on your shoulders, try the shoulder straps tighter so Amelie is higher, and move the waist strap lower so it's more on your hips.

I couldn't carry Finn in one of these until I got the positioning right, you want a downward force rather than a backward pull. Once you find the 'sweet spot' you can engage smug mode and strut around like you don't even know she's there.

It felt well balanced (I tightened the shoulder straps up as much as was comfortable), but given an hour or so, especially walking up the steep slopes, I could feel it. I've got slightly sore shoulders now, but I'm unfit to say the least.

What seemed odd was that she kept veering to the left. I'm not sure if it was a design fault, or something we did wrong.

Do you still use it with Finn?

Ah interesting, we were given one of these at a National Trust house, as prams weren't allowed. Of course we had to give it back. We found it a bit of a strain on the old back though, but I guess nothing's perfect.

Enormous chips or tiny burger? Enquiring minds need to know.

Enormous chips! Although they seemed to be a processed-potato-pretend-chip, sadly.

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