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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I appreciate this is rapidly turning into the how-much-Amélie-slept-diary. Apologies for that, but life's even duller* than usual at the moment.

*Not for me personally, as having Amélie around means things are never dull.

Anyway, on the aforementioned topic, she was awake from around 5:05 - 5:30am. This was actually somewhat amazing for her, as she went to sleep before 8pm, so it was a solid 9 hours. Of course the one consistent thing about babies (and no doubt kids in general) is their inconsistency.

Despite that I still felt really tired this morning, and *still* felt tired following a mid-morning nap (with Lu and Amélie). This is the problem with having no job... no daily structure (and a person who's awful at self motivation, so not good at creating structure). I'm debating whether to just hibernate until Christmas.

Anyway, Lu has just left for work with Amélie off to nursery - dressed with a splash of red for Comic Relief day.

We're going out for lunch tomorrow with Mum and Dad. Just the local Harvester, but at least there you feel in good company with other families and noisy kids. The food's a bit naff, but bearable.

On Sunday I fancy going to Bodiam Castle, as Barry has cancelled again due to being ill. We've more or less run out of National Trust places locally, so are looking further afield, although I suspect we will revisit our local favourites when Spring properly kicks in. Bodiam seems to get great reviews, and certainly looks very picturesque. It will take us around 2 hours to get there, so if we leave around 10am that means Amélie gets her morning nap in the car, followed by lunch at the place. Then if we leave at 4pm she gets her afternoon nap on the way back.