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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I continued to feel crap for all of yesterday, but had some chicken soup for dinner. Curiously the soup tasted fairly unpleasant, despite it being my favourite brand. I was downstairs around 8pm when I heard Lu shouting upstairs. I rushed up, and it transpired that Amélie was vomiting again, lots, all over Lu. Luckily Lu managed to contain it mostly to the both of them, as she was sitting on the bed. This meant an hour of so of clean up, involving Amélie having her second bath of the day, and Lu her second shower. Amélie seemed to be fine afterwards, but then I think most people tend to feel better for a good upchuck. Amazingly I managed to put her to bed, instead of her usual feed-sleep, although I'm getting well practised in the PUPD technique.

Amélie woke around 6am, so it wasn't the best sleep ever - Lu and I might have to adjust our going-to-bed time to suit I think, although I'm going to struggle to get Lu to go to bed early. So far today as well Amélie seems fine, albeit she's quiet, and had an oddly early morning nap from 8:50am - 9:50am.

I also feel a lot better today, although am not trusting myself to go further than 100 yards from a toilet, which has put the kibosh on the Wednesday walk with steveeeee.

There has been some great Spring weather the last few days, and today is no exception.

This afternoon will be made of job hunting and website work.

Tonight is our weekly gaming session, and fingers crossed we can play the new beta campaign in Left4Dead 2.

In other news...

I suspect my backup drives are failing. I've currently got around 2.5TB on my desktop PC, which acts as my main data server, backed up to to two 1TB external drives via Ethernet. The external drives are almost completely full due to the amount being backed up. The last few days I've noticed the My Documents backup is taking several hours, yet there has been no real change of data. My Torrents folder is backing up in a fraction of the time, and there is a significant change of data there.

I'm debating whether to just go with it for the moment, or carry out a necessary upgrade of the desktop PC, changing the 1TB drive to 2TB. More importantly to change the backup solution to something that isn't playing up and has 4TB capacity. I might even move over some of the files that don't require backup to the 4TB system. Clever folks like steveeeee have suggested the QNAP TS-210 with a couple of 2TB drives. I prefer Samsung HDDs, but the favourite seem to require a tedious firmware upgrade, so I might go with some Western Digital drives instead.