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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
It seems like Amélie's still not 100%. Bizarrely we didn't spot following lunch that she'd puked up a little on the carpet. That's all she did though, and apparently she spent the whole afternoon in the garden at nursery.

She was full of life when she came home, but within 20 minutes (while I was finishing dinner) she fell asleep in her highchair. Lu took her to her cot, and that was that. As far as I know she hasn't woken up (although I've been playing games for 3 hours).

In other news...

Been a bit of an emotive roller-coaster of a day. Had a really fantastic morning, where I felt that typical bipolar/manic high. Then when I started job hunting I got progressively more and more depressed, as it was really slim pickings initially, but still fairly poor in terms of suitable jobs even by the end of it (4 in total). Then by the time Lu and Amélie got home I was in really high spirits again, while listening to some music.

Last week I toyed with the idea of bidding on Robert Llewellyn's "Twitrelief" (Comic Relief) auction, which if you won you get to film an episode of Carpool. I was thinking that aside from the money going to charity I could use it as a platform to advertise my job challenged status, thus killing two birds with a rather randomly chucked stone. Clearly a semi-insane idea, but I would have hoped to have got lots of exposure. Ultimately I just felt I couldn't risk the money, so I didn't.

I'm not sure what else I can do to job hunt. I'm checking all the decent sites, and some not so decent, checking newspapers (both physical and online), and using an aggregator to check all company sites within a 50 mile geographic radius. About the only thing I haven't done yet is drive around industrial estates taking down company names - again it's somewhat random, but who knows.

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Have you contacted agents yet?

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