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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Has been a good day, so far.

I looked after Amélie until around 10am, with a spot of cleaning. I'm not a huge fan of the whole "pushy parent" deal, and prefer to let Amélie develop naturally. On that basis I pooh poohed the whole Baby Einstein concept a few months ago when it was raised over on Facebook. When we were in Brazil Lu bought a bunch of DVDs for Amélie, so she has something in the Portuguese language (where relevant). I watched one randomly, and thought it was really well put together - it was like a sequence of short related segments involving toys and puppets, among other things, and Lu really liked it (it semi-laughingly reminded me of the Ludovico Technique from A Clockwork Orange...). Anyway, it transpired when I looked at the DVD case it was a Baby Einstein DVD! The logo was a lot smaller than the actual title, which related to music. So because it wasn't as pretentious as I was expecting we got some more. This was a very long way of saying that Amélie was watching more Baby Einstein videos this morning. She was also watching yesterday, and they had a couple of cow-like puppets. One was mooing, and the other was making a very loud elephant noise. Amélie watched this for about 10 seconds, and then burst into floods of tears. Clearly there's something freakish about cows that make elephants noises, understandably.

I bought Amélie some toy cars a few weeks ago, to try and distract her from driving Lu's laptop mouse around the kitchen. Suffice to say Amélie still preferred the mouse, but even so we did play with the cars a bit. She must have remembered today as she picked one up out of the blue and started driving it up and down my legs, with sound effects, as per the video...

At 10am I headed off to the local supermarket to get some essentials for lunch. It wouldn't have taken long, except the frickin' self service tool had a schizoid embolism, meaning I had to go through some complex shenanigans involving transferring my bill to another till so I could pay it.

Barry and Jo came over just after 12pm, although I was running a bit late with the cooking. Then we had a lovely afternoon with them. Barry has an interview tomorrow (all day!) so they had to leave a bit early so he could prep for that. As the weather was really great we then went for a walk around the estate, and took Amélie to one of the local playgrounds. She really enjoys going on the slide, and was going right from the top. Curiously she prefers to slide down on her tummy, albeit we didn't try head first. Of course she still needs a hand to get up there. Ditto with enjoying the swings.

Amélie did a couple of other "firsts" today. She pointed at Lu several times, and seemed to associate her with saying both "mama" and "mamae". I also saw her standing "hands free" for the first time, and she repeated it throughout the day, so I managed to catch it on video. She did this at nursery a few weeks ago allegedly, and also yesterday when Lu was at a birthday party. I suspect she's going to be a late developer when it comes to walking, just like I was.

Unfortunately I walked through most of today in a dream, as I was so tired, so I probably wasn't great company. I collapsed into a nap around 6pm, and then woke up gone 7pm but with a killer of a stomach ache, and a headache. Lu said I had been snoring loudly. Not sure if that was related, but both have eased a lot. I'm not sure why I would get a stomach ache while sleeping for such a short time.

Tomorrow I'm going with Lu to the dermatologist in the early afternoon, and then for a local walk with steveeeee after that. Mum's going to come over around 3:30pm to babysit - I just need to confirm with her by phone. I was going to see Sucker Punch at the cinema on Friday, but the reviews are so dreadful I've given up that idea. Not sure when Source Code is out on general release offhand, as despite looking derivative I fancy going to see that at the cinema.

Other than that it's just a week of job hunting and the other usual things, as the next sign on is a week tomorrow.

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I want to go and see Sucker Punch - but only to perve over the kickass actresses... I know thats baaaad lol

I might end up watching it just for that :-)

a cow making elephant noises would upset me too

It was definitely a bit freaky. Baby Einstein use these puppets that are very much like sock puppets, and they're just a little bit scary. Still, strange what can upset!

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