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BB Piano
Sunday night seemed to be back to normal for Amélie, that is (frustratingly) she did her normal 4am wake up, and then again just before 6am. She still seems a bit whingy and grumpy. Hard to say if this is due to her still not feeling well, or that she's simply changing.

I'm still failing to adhere to a sensible daily schedule, that is I went to bed far too late Sunday night, although it's good to get some time to myself. The downside is I then lie in the next morning, often to very little benefit, that is I still feel really tired. I suspect it's due to the disruption that occurs from about 6am onwards in terms of Lu and Amélie. Monday morning was a case in point. So the lie in is fairly pointless.

Monday is the no nursery day, but Lu had a hospital appointment, so we all headed off to Basingstoke after 1pm. Lu dropped us off at home when we were done, and then headed off to work. I rang Mum for babysitting duties, and she arrived around 3:30pm.

Despite Amélie's somewhat grumpy behaviour she was still a lot of fun to be with. She doesn't tire of the "coffee table game", where she wants to sit on my lap, and have a look at whatever's on the coffee table that day. She will briefly tire of playing, and ask to go back on the floor, but after a few minutes of doing something else she then asks to come back on my lap again. I can't remember if I've mentioned already, but she has started shaking her head and saying something akin to "no" when she doesn't want something. Predominantly this is when she's in her high chair at meal times, and doesn't want another spoon of food, or a drink. Confusingly she can do it when she does actually want something, but most of the time not. It's another basic element slotting into place though with her communication. Fascinating! She now seems to be able to identify Lu and I ("Mama" and "Dada", or variations), along with the ability to want something (pointing), and not want something (shaking her head). The building blocks.

steveeeee arrived after 4pm for our traditional walk. This time we went for a parking space towards the top of Beacon Hill Road, which is right on the edge of MoD land. I'm not sure when the land is used by the MoD, but the OS map gives a web address for information (which I've not looked at. Ahem). There seemed to be a couple of soldiers at one point, albeit still quite distant from us, but there were also other people walking both with and without dogs. My guess is this is used by the public all the time. The great thing about the OS map is it clearly marks both features and the names of places, which Google Maps doesn't. So the awesome ViewRanger with its OS map made relatively light work of navigating. There were some curious features on the walk, including what appeared to be a flooded gravel pit, partially full of dead or dying trees, which was somewhat surreal. There was also what appeared to be a vehicle test track, albeit it was mostly overgrown. Elements of the walk were quite barren, and had a post-apocalyptic feel to them (including a couple of bombed out bunkers). Yet other parts were full of trees and rather lovely. There were also some fishing reservoirs, albeit marked as private and owned by the MoD, but with no details on how to obtain a license. The final third of the walk was good exercise, as it involved walking up a fairly steep hill that was particularly knackering. My legs were like jelly when I got out of the car after being dropped off.

Once home I started on dinner. Mum had been out for a walk with Amélie, and the latter had fallen asleep a few minutes before they got back, as per usual. Mum left, and then Amélie woke up just before Lu arrived home. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur, but due to the bad night, exercise, and lack of naps, I was falling asleep on the sofa around 9:30pm so headed off to bed (I had been trying to watch The Last Exorcism).

(I've finally finished the entirety of Two and a Half Men. I rattled through the last few seasons as I had already seen a lot of them on Comedy Central. The last season - which stops at episode 17, due to the issues with Sheen - was a bit of a mess. There were some of the same old same old plot ideas used, which seems to happen every season, but also some bizarre new plot elements that didn't sit comfortably with the characters, for me at least. Although it didn't quite jump the shark. I think this is perhaps more evident when you watch episodes back-to-back. Also Sheen was starting to look a bit rough... gaunt, for lack of a better description. But he was still putting on as good a performance as he was in Season 1. I suspect comedy snobs look down on the series, probably having never seen it, but I still really liked it. It grew on me though, rather than an instant like. I could identify with both the main characters - the hedonistic and lazy Charlie, and the uptight and anal Alan - which probably helped lots with the enjoyment. There's no obvious replacement currently in my TV viewing. My film viewing has dropped off of late, mostly because February and March have been dreadful months for decent DVD/cinema releases. I'm still debating whether to watch South Park from the start. I've tried watching a bit of MST3k again, but my heart isn't it. I'm also debating whether to watch NCIS from the start, although the handful of random episodes I've watched to-date haven't been all that entertaining. I'm also still debating whether to go and see Source Code on Friday. Based on the trailer I'm expecting to be at least a little disappointed, although reviews so far have been quite positive despite the unoriginal looking story. The alternative was Killing Bono, with the excellent Robert Sheehan, but that's getting poor reviews)

It has been a worse than usual night with Amélie so far. She woke at midnight, and also at 3:30am. I suspect she's still partly in GMT. Unfortunately after the latest wake up I couldn't get back to sleep. I have a rule that if I lay in bed awake for an hour then it's time to get up, so I have. Chances are she'll wake up again soon, and then it will be time for a feed and another nap before she gets up proper. Edit: She woke up at 5:50am.

I need to make some progress on a few things this afternoon (mustn't nap, mustn't nap, mustn't nap), essentially website work, the census (which should hopefully be quick), and job hunting. There will be more website work tomorrow, depending on how I progress today, and another walk with steveeeee. Then it's the usual Wednesday games evening - the likely game this week is Lead & Gold. I've arranged to meet up with Barry on Thursday afternoon. Then as mentioned I might go to the cinema on Friday afternoon.