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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So where are we... ah yes, Wednesday, but probably Thursday by the time I finish this.

I don't really remember what happened last night, but vague memories are telling me that Amélie woke up at 4am.

I do remember that I took her downstairs around 7am, and left Lu to have a lie in until around 10am. It's always wonderful to spend time with Amélie, but she did produce two *lethal* nappies, including one that leaked (always an unpleasant affair, as those who are parents can testify). She doesn't seem to be very well in the guts department, but this shit comes and goes, so to speak. The nursery told Lu, when she picked her up on Tuesday, that they thought she had chickenpox, because she had a slight rash, particularly under her armpits. The rash hasn't come to anything though, and is better today. Clearly she's ill with something, which explains her mood, but it's hard to say what exactly. This evening she looked a bit pale.

Lu went off for a coffee with a friend around 10am, but Amélie had her mid-morning nap. I tried to nap, but there was some underlying stress about something that meant it was a very disturbed sleep.

When Lu came home she had brought me a leaflet for a Depression and Anxiety group that meet at the local church (or community centre, I can't remember which). I LOL'd at the idea of people with anxiety meeting in a group, it seemed along the same lines as an AA group meeting in a pub. Anyway, it was a very sweet thing to do, and I was taken aback, but the idea doesn't appeal for some reason.

When Lu headed off for work, and Amélie for nursery, I finished off the website work, followed by job hunting. I didn't get as much of the latter done as I'd like, but I got two positions forwarded to me from friends, so applied for those, and a handful of others. I headed off to steveeeee's around 3:30pm, and we went for a walk near his gaff. It was another fairly tiring one, although this time I didn't have jelly legs when I got out the car once home.

I cooked dinner, but we semi-struggled to get Amélie to eat her normal portion size. She then followed up with another lethal nappy. Lu wants to take her to the doctor, but I don't think the symptoms are severe enough (or obvious enough), and it will be another case of the doctor telling us to go home. At the moment she just has a few spots, the shits, and is slightly pale. She's not quite herself, but she's still laughing and playing most of the time. It's unlikely to be enough to form a diagnosis from, as much as I don't want her to come to any harm. Being a parent is often a scary business, knowing when to push and when not. I like to hope we'll know when we think something's seriously wrong.

It was games night tonight, and we had a full house (10 players) for Lead & Gold. It was the first time we had played it properly, and it wasn't a particularly satisfying game for me, partly due to being chaotic, and partly due to not being as good as our usual favourites. When the bulk of the players left the remainder had a quick and more satisfying game of Left4Dead 2.

I'm now wide awake, and it's far too late - I was hoping to get into a sleeping routine of 10pm - 6am, which seems to be failing every day so far. I might go and watch some TV to chill out for a bit.

The plan tomorrow is to go and see Barry in the afternoon. I've booked a cinema ticket for Friday afternoon to see Source Code. They opened a new cinema at Camberley, but it was still 2-3 years ago and we've never gone for some reason. I hear awful reports about the car park there, but will brave it.

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I'm interested in seeing Source Code too and would be interested in your thoughts about it.

You can guarantee I'll have a review online as soon as I can make time to type it :-)

My expectations are low, as despite the great reviews it sounds as derivative as anything.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm going to see it other than (a) to see if I'm proved wrong and (b) because I haven't gone to the cinema for ages.

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