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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Has been a pretty good day so far, well at least the afternoon portion.

I woke up relatively early and went downstairs with Lu and Amélie, but Amélie had a bizarrely early nap. To get some peace I slept on the sofa until about 9am when Lu and Amélie came back downstairs, at which point I went back upstairs to get more sleep. A confusing morning!

I eventually woke up at some point, and had lunch. Amélie was proving to be a nightmare. She refused to eat any of her prepared foods, and would only eat the pasta that Lu and I were eating, which wasn't ideal as we were both eating ready meals. This was combined with houmous on pita bread.

Amélie still didn't seem her normal self, if that wasn't obvious from the above. The rash seems to be all but gone, but even so. She banged her head twice on the high chair's table, and burst into floods of tears. I was at frustration point with her eating, due to being so worried.

Lu called NHS Direct last night, as she was worried. She didn't even try to get through as there was a recorded message that they were very busy, and only to hold on if it was an emergency (isn't that what 999 is for?!). She rang the local surgery this morning to speak to a GP, who called back later on. Based on Amélie's symptoms the GP didn't seem worried, and said that the spots and diarrhoea are a sign of a viral infection that is ending. We should call back in 2 days if things are no better.

Anyway, we prepped her for nursery, and Lu headed off with her.

I cleaned up, and then headed off to Compton to see Barry. We went straight from there to Guildford, and first to the Krispy Kreme place there. After a couple of doughnuts each, and a cup of tea for me, we then went onto Costa, where I had a latte - I don't usually drink coffee, but the milkiness of the latte seemed to work, even though it looked a bit poncy.

Of more importance was the company, and I had a simply superb afternoon. Barry and I chatted and chatted and chatted, as if a day hadn't gone by since we worked together. We might not seem the most logical pairing, but we've got some great friend chemistry. At least that's my feeling. I can't speak for Barry :-D

Curiously I had a case of nausea/reflux just as we left the car park. It was a very close thing, and I almost vomited. It was all rather embarrassing, but fortunately I had explained to Barry beforehand that I suffered from it. This again seems to tie in to the theory that I'm allergic to tea (or doughnuts, or coffee).

I stopped briefly at Barry's house, and had a chat with his wife and middle daughter. I left around 6pm, and came away with my spirits reinvigorated and feeling wonderfully positive.

Lu called just as I was planning to call her and warn I was going to be late. I grabbed some petrol and fish and chips (for one, as we decided to share, as neither were feeling particularly hungry) on the way home. I arrived around 7pm, but Lu had waited for me and not fed Amélie, rather frustratingly. Lu cooked up some pasta for Amélie to mix with her normal food. Hard to say whether this helped, but either way Amélie ate a lot more, and then promptly fell asleep at the end of her meal. Lu put her to bed, without her waking up. She must have been cream crackered.

In other news...

I bought another bit of cheap tech to play with, a Storage Options Night and Day IP Camera. Well when I say "play with", I am going to use it to (a) keep an eye on Amélie in her cot, when necessary (b) see if I can use it to spot any birds on the bird feeder and (c) use it to monitor the house when we're in Brazil. I have an equally cheap Motorola system that was great, except that the drivers only work with XP, and Motorola have abandoned it. Also it required usage of a bodged wireless hub that connected to the PC via USB, which (a) interfered with the wireless network and (b) required the PC to be on all the time to use the cameras. Here's hoping this camera isn't complete crap, albeit the reviews seem OK.