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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I'm so wrapped up in all the thinking about myself I forgot to mention what happened yesterday, not that it was an awful lot.

If I recall correctly it was the usual case of waking up very early (4am) with Amélie, and then having a lay-in when Lu took over. Lu surprisingly left before lunch, as she didn't like any of the food in the house and wanted to go to Subway, so she did. I had a shower so put Amélie in what we refer to as the "OVNI" next to the open shower room door. It's a useful toy when you need to get something else done, but need Amélie to remain in one place (and I can't bring the playpen upstairs!). I can keep an eye on her through the glass of the shower cubicle. Amusingly she copies me when I shampoo my hair.

After lunch I gave Mum and Dad a call, and they were both in, so I headed over there. We had a lovely time giving Amélie lots of attention, and I suspect she loved it as well. Amélie is struggling to nap at the moment, and she didn't have her usual morning nap. She fell asleep on the way to Mum and Dad's, and again on the way home. On the way home I toyed with the idea of a round trip to Guildford so she would get some sleep. Instead though I went straight home, and took great care getting her out the car seat. I managed to transplant her into the cot with only minimal wake up.

Lu called to say she was on her way home, around 5:15pm, and I suggested she buy fish and chips, which we could share. Amélie woke up around 5:30pm but still seemed tired. I was also half asleep - I think I'd fallen asleep on the sofa - so I took the both of us to our bed and she fell asleep again. There's something infinitely cute about watching Amélie sleep. I still can't get over what an amazing little thing she is.

Lu had gone shopping, so didn't get back until almost 7pm. She wasn't hungry either, so I ended up eating all the fish and chips myself, which I then regretted afterwards (I often have a serious case of eyes-bigger-than-stomach). I then whiled away the evening watching Hyperdrive, which was an excellent blast from the past, and even funnier than I remembered it. I'm not sure why it didn't appeal to the geek community at the time, other than there being no accounting for taste. It also does that very British thing of exaggerating how crap we are, which might upset some people I suppose. At least it got a second season.

We started going to bed around 11pm, which was later than ideal, but I wasn't feeling all that tired. I starting reading Dr. Tony Attwood's book, but it's much more formal than Will Hadcroft's, and I didn't get on with it as much. Also it seems to be describing much severer forms of Asperger's, so isn't as of much interest to me. I'm also finding the iPhone more and more tedious to read on due to the small screen. I'd like a Kindle, but as I read so much at night I'm wary of it not having a backlight. I'm not sure how well the cases with lights work, or whether there are any plans for a backlit version.