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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I think it was another 4-5am wake up this morning, followed by another 6am wake up and feed. I had felt ill yesterday after eating, but I put that down to the Fish and Chips - sometimes I feel ill after eating this, although I haven't for a while. I still felt ill this morning though, which was unusual, somewhat like I'd been kicked in the stomach.

I didn't feel ill enough to avoid lunch, and Mum and Dad arrived just as we went to the car park to wait for them, around 11:30am. It was lucky we left early, as we arrived just as the restaurant was starting to get busy. When we left at 1pm the queues were huge. Amélie had a huge lunch, and seemed full of beans, so hopefully she is getting back to normal.

As the weather was warm, albeit cloudy, we decided to go to The Vyne. We took a lovely back roads route, and spent a couple of hours there. Lu and I went inside the house while Mum and Dad looked after Amélie. Amélie sat on the grass by the house, and really loved a gravel path. She sat there picking up handfuls of gravel over and over, and had a tantrum when Lu picked her up. She also wanted to walk everywhere, albeit assisted, and had the same tantrum when she was picked up. Tantrums are definitely on the up!

When we got back home I was feeling ill, so after making tea for everyone I went and laid down. Again it was that same feeling of being kicked in the stomach with queasiness. Mum and Dad must have left around 6pm, and I stayed in bed until around 8-9pm. I went downstairs after that, but eventually around 10pm the nausea was overwhelming and I threw up. This was different to the normal reflux, and I was amazed my stomach was so full 10 hours after my last meal. It was all horribly unpleasant, as per usual.

I felt better for throwing up at least, but I just hope it doesn't happen again.

A couple of photos from today...


^Amélie & I at the restaurant.

Lu & Amélie

^Amélie and Lu in the grounds of The Vyne.

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