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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
A quick review of anything horror, SF, or otherwise interesting on the trailers front that wasn't captured last time...

Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula. Yep, seriously. Looks dreadful, but bizarre-o indy fans might get something from it. No release dates at IMDB, but the iTunes trailer site says March. Should be coming to DVD fairly soon I would suspect.

Captain America: The First Avenger. The trailer looks reasonable enough for yet another action film comic book conversion. Out in July.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Another documentary from Werner Herzog, this time in a nearly inaccessible cave in France with some of the earliest cave drawings known to man. Looks spectacular. Has been doing the festival circuit since 2010. Already on (no doubt very) limited release in the UK.

Insidious. From the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity... but this horror film does look at least reasonable and rather scary. It covers a family house that's haunted, or is the house? Out in May in the UK. Was doing the festival circuit late last year.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Yet another in the franchise, albeit this time with Penelope Cruz in the heroine role. The trailer looks like much of the same, so for fans of the franchise and derivative action. Out in May.

Priest. A somewhat bewildering setup in a post-apocalyptic alternate world where man has fought vampires for centuries. The war is supposedly over, having been won by man, but it appears things aren't so simple. Paul Bettany plays one of the priests trained to fight vampires. The story's further "augmented" by a Western style dimension, and Wild West sheriff-like Karl Urban. Special effects and action abound, but will it have a decent story? Looks like fantasy action that won't hit mass market appeal to me. Out in May.

There Be Dragons. A murder mystery spanning many years, and wrapped up with the Opus Dei. Dougray Scott plays a journalist investigating his father, to try and find out how involved he is in the mystery. The film certainly looks rich with plot and drama, but will it be interesting? Out in May.

Thor. Yet another comic book conversion. This time covering Norse god Thor, who is dispatched to Earth from Valhalla and then has to save humanity etc. etc. Natalie Portman plays the no doubt derivative love interest, in what looks like more derivative comic book action, albeit directed by Kenneth Branagh, Out in April.

The Three Musketeers. Alexander Dumas turns in his grave as his story gets the Pirates of the Caribbean treatment. Yet more derivative action, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Out in October.

Wrecked. Man (Adrien Brody) wakes up at bottom of ravine, injured and with no memory. Mister Man then has to try and escape while piecing together his past. Already out in the USA with no UK release date. Reviews to-date aren't great.

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I've seen Cave of Forgotten Dreams and loved it. It's stunning and
astonishing; if you get a chance to see it, you should.

Did you see it at the cinema?

Yep - small-ish cinema. It's a film that's totally deserving of the 3D effect.

The quoted reviews on the trailer looked positively amazing. The difficulty is finding an arty cinema that's showing these things. It's all damn multiplexes.

I hope it's shown somewhere near you, because it really is Herzog at his best. I can't wait to see it again :)

When did you see it? There used to be a search engine that would find a film at any cinema, as long as it was showing of course, but it seems to have vanished.

On the 22nd of March, at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Findanyfilm.com works well. Only on in London for me though. Hum.

Oh, shame! I'm surprised there isn't anywhere nearer, given its exposure and its director. And there's so little known about the Chauvet cave, you'd think it would have a wider release. No-one (apart from a very few scientists) are ever going to experience it first-hand. I think it's great that Herzog has given a copy of the film to every school in France. My hero has just got a bit shinier :)

Classic case of unimaginative multiplexes. They could even just put it on one day a week, on a quiet day.

I went to the cinema last week and there were only 10 people there for a big name film, so I can't imagine they'd lose much, and they might end up attracting more people.

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