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Amélie's temperature was over 39C for the whole of yesterday evening. I didn't get to bed until 1am, and Lu had checked her temperature at midnight, when it was 39.3C. Bizarrely when I checked it at 1am it was around 37C, so it seems like the fever broke between midnight and 1am. I took it twice more to make sure I wasn't going mad, and then Lu took it as well as she couldn't believe it either. It probably didn't help that the house was so hot, and we had opened all the windows upstairs, with the temperature helped lots by the very cool night (I think it hit 3C early this morning, despite hitting 25C or more today). The NHS recommend the room temperature is 18C (!) when the child has a fever, and earlier in the day it had been 26C.

Amélie was up at 6am again (of course), and as I was more awake than Lu I took her downstairs. I gave her breakfast, or tried at least. All she would eat was papaya. Lu then went out shopping, so I looked after her for the rest of the morning as well. It was hard work because she was so sensitive, despite not showing any symptoms of being ill.

I tried giving her lunch, but she wouldn't eat any of that either, other than a petit filous. I find meals so stressful, because as a parent I want her to eat and be healthy, but Amélie often has other ideas, and the food ends up all over me, the table, her, and the floor. Her two main food defences are firstly "the crazy hands", where she swipes at the spoon like a loony, which makes it near impossible to deliver food to her mouth. If I get the food to her mouth, and she forgets for long enough that she actually opens her mouth, then the next thing she does is spit it all out again. Quite simply there's no way to force feed here, not that I'd want to. She eats only what she wants. The frustrating part of that is the logic. Today I tried to give her sausage for lunch, among other things. She just took one look at it and dropped it off the side of the tray, without even trying it. I tried to get her to try it, but she absolutely refused. I can't see the logic of not trying something first, not that I'm saying humans are logical.

This afternoon we headed off along the Basingstoke Canal to try and find a bluebell wood. This was based on some vague instructions from a local forum, but they were good enough to find it. It involved some shenanigans with the pram to get it through a kissing gate. We gave up at a stile, and left it behind us, but this was right at the wood. The bluebells were fantastic, as was the whole walk in the wonderful sunshine. Amélie was again really difficult; refusing to get in the pram, refusing to be held, crying lots etc. Possibly the worst she's ever been.

From there we took a long route via Hook and Odiham down to Farnham. Amélie slept within a few minutes, so we maximised the journey time to make sure she slept as much as possible, which may have been a mistake, but anyway. In Farnham I checked my parents' house, which was fine (they're away on holiday). I also popped in to see Nan. She was semi-lucid, but despite Lu and Amélie being in the car, she said she could hear Lu shouting at me. At several points she was actually talking with the voice that she was hearing. She seemed happy enough, although the nurse said she refuses to eat anything. They have to give her special drinks that contain enough to keep her alive.

We stopped at Farnham so Lu could quickly pop to Elphicks, but it had already closed. From there we headed home, and I reheated some bolognese and cooked some spaghetti. Amélie wolfed that down, but she loves spaghetti (she refuses to eat any of the meat, or essentially anything else e.g. large pieces of tomato, mushroom etc. which gets dropped on the floor). At least she gets some of the sauce, which she can't remove! After her bath she was manic again and full of beans, but in a much better mood.

Lu made one attempt at getting her to sleep, but she was just too awake, possibly due to the long afternoon nap. An hour later she tried again, with floods of tears, but she did eventually sleep (about 10 minutes ago).

Now we're both knackered, and will probably go to sleep soon.

A couple of photos from today...

Cute Hat

^Amélie in a new hat that Lu bought. I think it really suits her.


^Lotsa bluebells.


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