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The Stainless Steel Rat

So despite saying I was knackered yesterday I went on to play Dance Central for 2 hours. There was one particular song that was *really* bugging me. You have to complete 5 specific songs with 4 stars to unlock the Medium challenge (I've done the prior one). Despite 2 hours of practise I still really struggled to do one particular dance move. Initially I thought the Kinect wasn't picking up my arms properly, but Lu went up and completed the move first time *fume*. I was at a complete loss figuring out what I was doing wrong, as I seemed to be mirroring the moves correctly. I was so annoyed and determined to get the 4 stars. Suffice to say after 2 hours of it I was shattered and soaked with sweat. Good fun of a sort though, and you can't argue with games that exercise you.

Amélie graced us with her presence at 4:30am. I think she had a mid-morning sleep. It's all a blur.

Tom's 1st birthday party was this afternoon (his actual birthday is next week). It was really well themed to Super Mario. There was even a Super Mario puppet show, which the kids loved! Amélie was OK for a couple of hours, but then deteriorated again and started crying all the time.

We're not sure what's wrong with her, but she's definitely not herself. She's possibly in pain (teething?), but it's more drama to give her Calpol than putting up with whatever's wrong. She's also off her food a bit as well. If only she could talk.

The weather was amazing today. It almost hit 28C according to a local weather station. Looks like the weather's on the turn though, sadly, after an awesome few days. I love the sun.

I've not felt my usual nausea since the 2nd of April, which seems to tie in with the better weather. But why? Every year though it seems to go away during the Spring and Summer.

We're planning to go to a National Trust place or two either tomorrow or Monday. West Green House Garden opens today, and it's our nearest National Trust place, despite being small. We've not been to Cliveden before, and that looks impressive. Ed, Ana & Tom may come along as well, when they've recovered from the party clear up.

Three photos from today...

Watching the Puppet Show

^Amélie in her party frock, watching the Super Mario puppet show with Lu.

Amazing Super Mario Cake!

^The amazing Super Mario cake.

Ed & Tom

^Ed & birthday boy Tom.

Al 35 photos in the set are at Flickr here.
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