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Amélie was up particularly early again today. I forget exactly when, but around 4:30-5am. I'm debating whether we start with the PUPD technique again, or use controlled crying. I have a feeling the latter won't work. Even more bizarrely she went to sleep quite late last night. She did have a nap an hour or so after she woke up, if I recall correctly, but it's still frustrating. Of course Lu and I should go to bed earlier, particularly me, but I like to have some free time to do things I haven't had a chance to do during the day. Inevitably that goes on and on. I also don't feel I can sleep at 10pm, but that's probably psychosomatic.

The original plan today was to go to the famous A3 Car Boot Sale (famous if you're from around here that is) but that was on the basis that we were ready by 7:30am, which we weren't. Around 10am Lu floated the idea of going to the also famous Blackbushe Market, which I was completely against - I went a couple of times around 20 years ago, and I remembered it being full of junk. Friends also told me that it's still that way. Anyway, I gave in, and we went.

Suffice to say it was dreadful, and full of tat, even more so that before - probably due to the eBay and Internet revolution. Lu agreed, but said she still wanted to see it for herself. There was supposedly a Car Boot Sale next to it, which turned out to be 5 cars with even worse tat. Lu was amazed to see the meat auctions, and the big audiences they attract.

We weren't sure what to do after that, as it was approaching lunchtime. We'd heard good things about the National Trust's Cliveden from a friend, so decided to head over there. It was very busy and we were siphoned off to an overflow car park, which I assumed was the main car park as it was near the entrance. We had lunch there, which was good but as per usual expensive (for snacks). The main house appeared to be overrun by snobby fuckers having a party (there were numerous Range Rovers, Rolls Royces, and a couple of Lamborghinis), so was off limits to the great unwashed, sadly. I always enjoy the gardens more, and walking round the houses often involves carrying Amélie, so it wasn't a total disaster. We went to the huge gardens at the rear of the house, and some of the other areas around there. Amélie loved it, because the grass was like a carpet, and she could crawl or walk around for huge distances (compared to our garden). This meant it was difficult to get her back into the pram, and Lu ended up carrying her for most of it.

We were absolutely knackered around 4pm so headed back for the car park. Except that we couldn't figure out where our car park was. We walked to the car park on the main map, but it certainly wasn't where we had come from. After some head scratching and some frayed tempers I guessed it was in another area, so we headed off there. Fortunately I was correct. Next time I'll drop a GPS marker!

Sadly we couldn't meet up with Ed & Ana at Cliveden because they were tidying up from the party and finished too late to make it worthwhile. We discussed meeting up tomorrow, but at the time I was so tired I couldn't face another day of going out. Arguably we could do with a day at home just to recharge, but I'm also changing my mind and thinking we ought to make the most of the day (and weather), and friends.

Once home Amélie woke up pretty much as soon as we got out the car. Lu was shattered and took her up for a further sleep, which lasted until past 7pm. She had dinner, followed by us (and then Amélie had a second dinner from our plates). I've just given her a bath, and hopefully she's off to sleep sometime soon. She's got a fair few spots, from head to toe. I'm not sure if it's heat rash, the start of chicken pox, or just one of those random baby rashes.

I'm absolutely shattered, but it remains to be seen whether I go to bed as early as I should. I'm also suspicious as to whether I have Amélie's cold. I've had a sore throat on and off during the day, and can feel those precursor aches and pains.

A quick Amélie update: her walking is better, but she's nowhere near walking by herself. I bought her a Scuttlebug (a sort of fold-up trike, which I almost instantly regretted getting, in favour of one of those trikes with a parent handle) for Easter. She can get on and off that fairly easily, along with all her other ride-along toys. She seems to be saying her name. Initially we confused it with "mamae", which she seems to attribute to Lu some of the time, but over the last few days we've noticed it sounds more like "me-lie" (just the A dropped). Other than that there's just this weird crying behaviour, which is so frequent. It isn't clear whether this is her independence cranking up a notch, or that she just has a bug of some variety which is making her feel ill and upset.

And three photos from today...

Sunglasses On

^Amélie actually let us put sunglasses on her, and they even stayed on for more than 10 seconds. At one point she was even getting upset because we wouldn't let her have them.

Cliveden House

^Cliveden house. It's big.

Biggggg Gardens!

^The gardens. Also very big.
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