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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Amélie woke up at 3am today. I tried the PUPD, and it did work, after about 30-45 minutes (ouch). 10 minutes later though she woke, and that more or less was repeated until 5am, when Lu suggested "giving in" and gave her a feed. I know she slept again, but I forget what time she woke up after that, and went downstairs with Lu.

I was up around 10am and had a shower. I took Amélie into town, but by car so I'd have some time to browse - although I am really liking the idea that Fleet town centre is only a 20-25 minute walk. I was planning to look for some Salomon walking boots (although I didn't hold out much hope anyone would have what I wanted), along with a look in the toy shop, and the bike shop. I'd put my wallet on top of the pram hood, and Amélie's blanket on top of that, and set off from the car park in good spirits. I even had a chat with 3 old ladies in the lift, who were admiring Amélie's cuteness.

First port of call was The Snowboard Shop, in the vague hope they'd have the walking boots (I already knew Millets didn't, as their stock and variety seems to be pretty dreadful). Once out of there I headed towards the bike shop, but then noticed that my wallet was missing. I retraced my steps to the shop. No wallet. I wondered if I had left it in the car, and imagined the whole putting-it-on-top-of-the-pram thing. It wasn't in the car. I went to the car park/shopping centre security place to see if they'd had it handed in, and to get a chip coin to get out of the car park (kindly they didn't bill me the £8 replacement cost, but then I couldn't pay it!). Nobody had handed it in.

Once out of the car park I headed for Fleet police station, but the front desk was closed until 3/5, so there was no way in. Not very helpful, but c'est la vie. I noticed they had a letterbox which connected to a secure box, and wondered if someone had found it and put it in there. I decided it was best to drive home and stop my credit and debit card, plus Amélie needed lunch as it was past 12pm.

First I rang the police non-emergency number, but they said they were unable to contact Fleet police station (?!). Then I rang the credit card company, and they said Fleet police station had my wallet, and had contacted them (they had stopped the credit card). I rang the police non-emergency number again, and this time they got in touch with Fleet police station, but couldn't find anyone who had my wallet. They said that they were still checking though, and would call me back in 5-10 mins. 30 mins later I got a call from a very nice lady at Fleet police station who HAD MY WALLET, WOOHOO! In the meantime I had also rung my debit card company and got that stopped. C'est la vie.

Lu headed off to work, taking Amélie to nursery, and I headed off to the police station. I rang the nice police lady once there, and she brought the wallet out. It was walletus intactus, and nothing appears to be missing. Apparently someone had found it in the street and handed it in there - coincidentally they were wondering what to do about the closed Reception desk, and a police person went into the car park.

This more or less made my week, aside from the annoyance of having cancelled both cards. I checked my bank account, for the debit card, and nothing had been spent. The credit card people have suspended my online account for 24 hours, part of their fraud prevention, but a quick call to them confirmed that nothing had been spent. Not that I'd really expected any shenanigans.

Anyway, that'll teach me for being so blasé with the wallet. Next time I'll zip it away somewhere.

After all this I still hadn't had lunch (or breakfast) so I ate some leftover rice and broccoli, as I couldn't be arsed with anything else. I took some painkillers, as I was coming down from the adrenaline high of wallet loss, and the cold/flu pains were back. I waited an hour for those to kick in, then washed my car. I used a new synthetic chamois, but it was fairly useless, and kept sticking to the car. Also the chrome-y bits on the front of the car seem to be corroding. Not sure if chrome cleaner will help. My alloys are also in a bit of a state, but all to be expected I guess. I cleaned them as best I could. I still ended up with chamois streaks over most of the car, which bugs an OCD car washer and ex-car valet like me. I was just too lazy to do a decent job of it.

I was under orders from Lu to vacuum upstairs as well, so did that. Then I sat in the sun with my laptop and did the usual job hunting. Slim pickings, but I found a couple of things. One of them was a Technical Writer job in London. I suspect I'd enjoy doing that, at least initially. I've got plenty of bits of experience, just not had a direct technical writer role. I applied anyway, with a suitable worded cover letter.

The nursery rang early afternoon to say that Amélie had spots that looked like early chicken pox blisters. We've noticed these, and Lu thought they were turning into blisters, but she's had so many rashes we don't tend to jump up and down if we see one now. Amélie didn't have a fever, so I asked if she was OK to stay there. They said it wasn't a problem, unless she had a temperature. Again this may explain Amélie's supreme crankiness the last few days, and have Lu and I had a slight infection of it? We've both had chicken pox, but maybe it's possible to get infected lightly, yet not have the spots.

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Glad you got your wallet back and unscathed, too!

Matthew's job description is Technical Writer in the software division of an insurance company. It pays quite well but he has days where he's really bored by it. YMMV though.

Yep, I was uber lucky with the wallet. Thanks to the anonymous kind person who rescued it!

This Technical Writer job is in Financial Services, so I'm guessing very similar. It's for a contract, and documenting an application. The former isn't ideal, but c'est la vie.

I've written lots in various jobs. The closest thing was a Medical Writer, where I was more of a science journalist than anything. I also wrote for a Brazilian website for several years (and continue to manage and edit submitted articles). I tried to pick out all the relevant bits I could, but someone with a previous role as Technical Writer is likely to get it I suspect.

glad you got your wallet back, you were lucky there!

I'm still counting my lucky stars. I wouldn't have remembered half the stuff that was in there (perhaps I ought to take a picture!).

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