The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

A minor Amélie update. A not so minor Amélie update.

For the last few months she's been obsessed with the stairs. Given the slightest chance she's off like a rocket to the stairs, which she crawls up. Now she's not happy with crawling up, and she wants to "walk" down (with her hands held). But she's not even content with that either, she now wants to "walk" up. The latter involves her weird sideways goose step manoeuvre. Both the "walking" up and down involve hilarity from all concerned.

I thought I had mentioned this here, but it must have just been Facebook. Along with her cute rendition of "mamae" (Portuguese for "mummy"), she's also saying a not so accurate "papae" (Portuguese for "daddy"). I sometimes also get called "Daddy", "Dada" or "Dad". For the moment though she's pretty much dispensed with her "dadadada" language of a few months ago. Now it's a mix of baby bubble, with the odd intelligible word. She also says "mamae" wayyyyyyyyy more than "papae"! The cheek of it.

We also think she's saying her own name, but we initially confused it with "mamae". It sounds a little bit like "me-ly", that is the last two syllables of Amélie, phonetically speaking. I hadn't clicked that a three syllable name would mean difficulties learning it, but I'm sure she'll grasp it... at least when she's 21.

Another potential word is "ma", which seems to connect with "more". She uses it when wanting food, or just wanting something she can't reach.

It still feels odd having named someone. I have got almost used to her name, but to begin with it felt rather odd.
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