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BB Piano
Went to the docs, and after a little pushing I managed to get an "appointment" at the hospital for a blood test (I'm gonna go this afternoon) for various immune factors. I was rather pissed off that I had to push and he wasn't listening. To start with he was saying that it was sinus related, so I had to state that it wasn't just a sinus problem and that the main issue to me was that the whole of my body just gets wiped out and aches like hell during the cold. So then he starts to say it's stress related, and again I had to explain that I don't really have any stress, or haven't had any for the last 6 months plus I eat healthily, exercise and take vitamins (he laughed at this point so I think he got the message). Either way, this is when he caved and suggested a blood test. Part of me is very very worried now what the results of this will be, but I gotta go after all this. I keep thinking I might have AIDS, even though this wouldn't give these type of symptoms. I still keep worrying about it though. Plus I have to wait a week for the results :-(

He also gave me prescription for a steroid nasal spray to try and reduce inflammation in the sinuses. I'm not entirely sure why, but I assume it was related to catching the damn colds.

Other than that I'm generally feeling extremely hacked off today. Wonderful!

Here to There (perfomed by Wembley)

I'm always here.
I'm never there.
I'm never, ever anywhere.
Excepting here, 'cause here is where I'm in.
But when I go from here to there,
My here comes with me everywhere,
'Till there is here, and here is where I've been.

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hope your test are clear and nothing too weird is going on in there

yay fraggle rock *dances about*

Aw, please don't worry... It's pretty natural to jump to the worst possible conclusion, but all that's going to do is *actually* stress you out, until you find out for sure, and that won't do you *any* good.
I hope you find out super quick, and that it's nothing serious. :)
And I DO think you should sue that bastard doctor of yours for not diagnosing whatever it is sooner, and then you'd never have to work or stress again. Then you can buy your own theater, (movie or play), and also buy all the DVDs and Doozer's you could ever want. :)

Thanks. For some reason this has really got me bothered. Better to find out if something is wrong I guess, I feel really ill again today :-(

One of my friends died from AIDS about ten years ago-he was much, much sicker than you sound and he lost a significant amount of weight (before he was diagnosed). I think you would be far worse at this point if you were infected with HIV.
I also have a friend with asthma who frequently gets sinus infections and chest colds and sometimes they graduate into bigger complications that hang around for a couple of weeks. It's just naturally a little harder for her body to fight off a cold because her respiratory system is already compromised.
So try to just take it easy and rest up for the new job. As far as the blood test, you cannot change the results, but it may tell you something very important that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Yep, I should have added that I wasn't trying to make light of AIDS or insinuate I was suffering from full blown AIDS. I should be using the correct terminology, and I was just panicking a little that I was HIV positive. I'm probably making mountains out of mole hills, but I was worried about it for other reasons. I'm not sure if an HIV test is routine when doing other blood work. I know I am being screened for thyroid and white blood cell count, and a couple of other things.

I know I keep going on and on and on about it, but my immune system just seems to be totally FUBAR'd. It just gets very depressing when it happens with this frequency, and especially as all other things say I should be fit and healthy. I should probably stop complaining :-)

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