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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So off we went to Cambridge early Sunday. When there we first stopped at Anglesey Abbey which was a HUGE National Trust place, primarily in terms of the gardens. We had lunch there, then mid-afternoon we continued on to Cambridge.

Parking in Cambridge was a bit of a nightmare to say the least. The first place we parked in shut at 4:30pm, and was more or less full, so we had to find somewhere else. Luckily we ended up at the car park for the main shopping centre, which was 24 hours. Then once out into the town we found the tour bus, and headed off on that.

Clearly Cambridge is steeped in history, and is a beautiful place. It was also great to see so many bicycles everywhere (students that live within 5 miles of the city centre are not allowed cars) even though the city didn't seem particularly well adapted for them. Sadly while we were on the tour someone allegedly stepped in front of another tour bus to try and commit suicide, which delayed the tour a bit due to road closures.

Around 6pm we headed off for the hotel, where we had dinner. The hotel was fine, although opting for a 3 course dinner was a mistake. Amélie got bored, so we had to take turns keeping her occupied, and Lu gave up and took her back to the room prior to dessert. Slow service didn't help.

In the morning Lu took Amélie to the swimming pool, and I watched from the side. She seemed to really enjoy it, and when I held her while Lu dried off she was trying to get back in the pool. Lu wanted to go back to Cambridge town centre for lunch. I didn't, but acquiesced. From there we went to Wimpole Estate, another HUGE National Trust place. We didn't bother with the house because it didn't look pram friendly. Instead we went to the farm that was there, which Amélie loved - she is fascinated by most animals, and points at them all with a surprised look on her face.

We left there around 4:30pm, and drove home.

Lu and I were both knackered and had early nights. Despite that, and a 9am lay-in, we're still both very sleepy this morning.

I've got a haircut booked for this afternoon, and need to get back into the job hunting.


^A load of punts at Cambridge.


^The entrance to the shopping bit at Wimpole Estate.

All 26 photos from the last couple of days are at Flickr here.

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So glad you loved it :-) And you had good weather too, even better!


Yep, we were lucky! It's all rather different in the rain :-)

Sounds like you had a nice time.

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