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Hanna (2011). Directed by Joe Wright and written by Seth Lochhead. The film starts in the snowy wilderness of Finland, with teenager Hanna (Saorise Ronan) hunting deer with a bow and arrow. It transpires that her father Erik (Eric Bana) is mercilessly training her to fight and kill. Erik unearths a crate from the snow which has a transponder, and he tells Hanna that if she is ready she can turn it on. Hanna, the film, is a quirky beast. Most of it covers Hanna trying to escape her captors across Europe, with fragments of back story. It feels like a mess at times, but like some films it's a loveable mess due to the characters within. I'm a fan of Bana, and he's reasonable in this, albeit not in all of it. Saoirse Ronan certainly carries her weight, and is fantastic as the teenage assassin Hanna. The Chemical Brothers provide an excellent and contemporary soundtrack that adds to the quirky feel of the film, and sometimes outperforms the scenes it's supposed to be adding to. Ultimately I have seen Hanna described as a 21st century Léon, but it wasn't that for me. It's a good film if you can put up with the slightly random nature of the story, but action purists are likely to feel let down. 4/5 (Good)


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