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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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A quick review of anything horror, SF, or otherwise interesting on the trailers front that wasn't captured last time...

Another Earth. What appears to be some sort of drama set against a science fiction backdrop of the discovery of a parallel Earth. Hard to discern much from the trailer, other than it's fairly sad stuff, and has more of an emphasis on the fiction than the science. Worth keeping an eye on though I think. No UK release info, and currently on the festival circuit. Proper release in the USA in July.

Conan the Barbarian. I've just seen the proper first trailer, rather than the teaser trailer. In all fairness it looks pretty good, except that the person they've cast as Conan isn't a patch on the 80s Arnie. I don't expect much more than generic action fantasy, but it might be watchable. It's in 3D though, so that might be a bad sign.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Horror comedy based on supposed very popular comic (that I've never heard of, but that doesn't say much). It looks cheesy from the trailer, and is already out in the USA. Reviews are damning, so possibly worth waiting for the TV showing.

Hobo with a Shotgun. Seriously. And it's got Rutger Hauer in it. It looks like a lot of fun, if you like grindhouse. Has been on the festival circuit since January, and has just been released in the USA. We have to wait until July. Early reviews suggest it's nothing special.

Immortals. From Tarsem Singh, who I find a bit so-so hit and miss, at least when it comes to story. This looks more like The Fall blended with 300, telling a historical story with Singh's amazing visuals. Here's hoping the story's as good as the visuals. Out in November.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I don't remember hearing anything about this, so was surprised to spot the trailer. Purportedly a reboot of the series, starting out with how the apes gained their their intelligence. The trailer certainly looks interesting, although the CG apes seem to vary in their believability. One to keep an eye on. A likely August UK release date.

The Troll Hunter. No, this isn't a Charlie Sheen biopic. It's a rather odd looking Norwegian film about a supposed real-life film group that are trying to catch trolls on camera. It was released in Norway in October last year, and is currently on the festival circuit, presumably hunting for distributors.

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I liked Trollhunter, it starts up a bit like Blair Witch, but more fun, although black humour. I have no idea whether it works for audiences outside Norway since a lot of the fun moments (IMO) plays on the intertextuality with Norwegian folktales. But I really hope it gets a distributor, becasue then it'll be available with English subtitles on DVD, and I can show it to my students :)

I have found a version with English subtitles, so will give it a watch. Sometimes crowdsourced subtitles are better than the legitimate ones...

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