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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I've not bothered reporting on Amélie's wake up times mostly because they're fairly consistent between 5-6am every day. If we're "lucky" she has a feed and sleeps on until 8-9am.

This morning she slept on until 8am. I took her with me to Farnborough around 10am, to see if I could find a new pair of trainers. I didn't have a great deal of luck though, and ended up buying a pair of cheap (and potentially cheerful) textile walking boots. As I couldn't find a pair of trainers I went for some Trainer Tamers, which worked really well with the last pair.

When I got home I cleaned my existing trainers up with a baby wipe, which seemed to revive them. Baby wipes are amazingly powerful things! I put on my walking boots for a trial run, and took Amélie for a walk around the nature reserve, and to the pond. Potentially cheerful the boots were not, as I got a blister on my left heel within 10 minutes. Urg. I'll have to try thicker socks. I don't seem to have much luck with walking boots. I was hoping that textile boots would be softer, and now work as foot graters.

From there it was a quick lunch before heading off to The Netherlands Circus at Guildford. The show was around 2 hours, which I thought was good value for £12 each (and Amélie was free). It wasn't Cirque de Soleil, but at least it was real people doing real things, versus say the cinema (which is a similar cost). Amélie was scared by a loud bang towards the end, when a teddy bear was supposed to be fired out of a cannon. It took a minute or two to stop her from crying. Although she watched most of the performance she wasn't particularly settled. Bizarrely she kept wanting to switch laps, so after sitting for a few minutes on Lu's lap she wanted to sit on mine, and vice versa. She has never done that before, mostly preferring to be with Lu. During the interval I ran up and down an inclined path in the seating, while Amélie ran with me (I held her hands). I was supremely knackered after that, but she loved it, and giggled and laughed the whole time.

From the circus we went with Ed & Ana and some other friends to Sainsbury's to get some food for a BBQ, and then back to Ed & Ana's house where we had said BBQ. We stayed until around 7pm, by which time Amélie must have been super tired (she was running around most of the afternoon). She feel asleep in the car after 2 minutes.

Once home Lu put Amélie to bed, and I watched Dr. Who. I suspect both Lu and I will be off to bed soon.

A minor Amélie update...

Her solo walking is improving. Now she will walk a few metres, turn around, and walk back. With assisted walking she has suddenly gained her "independence", she will twist the way she wants to go, and if you don't follow it she has a tantrum. Curiously she often wants to walk just a few paces, turn around, and then repeat. Clearly repetition features a lot in a child's learning.

A couple of photos from today...


^The clown demonstrates his teddy bear in a plane to the audience.

Teddy Cannonball

^The clown preps the teddy bear to be shot out of a cannon.

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It definitely was. Recommended! I felt a bit sorry for them, as it was probably less than half full.

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