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BB Piano
I forgot to mention they reviewed the successor to my laptop, the MSI GT680, on The Gadget Show on Monday.

It was reviewed with two other gaming laptops, the Alienware M17x and a Rock laptop (never heard of Rock before).

The reviewing itself was pretty dreadful, from start to finish. The idea was to compare three current games - including Crysis 2, Street Fighter, and a driving game - on all three laptops to give more of a qualitative review than quantitative. Along with the semi-bell end that is Jason Bradbury, there were also three professional game players who gave their somewhat limited views.

The theory was fine, but it was failed to be put into action. About all that was clearly stated was that the Rock laptop was lagging significantly, and clearly the distant third. The MSI was slammed for lagging when playing Crysis 2 at highest graphics settings, but it was then stated in somewhat "fine print" that all the laptops lagged when doing this. That was about it for reviewing detail, other than the Alienware played the driving game well.

Then the Rock was rated 2 stars, the MSI 3 stars, and the Alienware 4 stars, without giving any real reason why. Nor was a proper price or specification comparison done, as the Alienware at least can be purchased in various different versions - if it was the SSD version there is a significant price difference, and an inevitable performance difference.

In short it was a fairly crappy review from The Gadget Show, sadly. And also from the self proclaimed gaming champion Jason Bradbury.