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Film Review: Drive Angry (2011)
Drive Angry (2011). Co-written and directed by Patrick Lussier. The film starts with John Milton (Nicolas Cage) interrogating the followers of a satanic cult to find where their leader, Jonah King, has taken his granddaughter. It transpires that Milton's daughter was a member of the cult, and killed by King, who intends to use her daughter to bring Satan to Earth via some ritual so they can all live forever. It further transpires that Milton has escaped from Hell to try and save his granddaughter, and is being chased by Satan's "Accountant" (William Fichtner) who wants to retrieve him. Drive Angry follows in the mould of Crank and Piranha in terms of over the top violence and sex, but does not match either in terms of over the top style. It was also made for 3D, so expect lots of things to fly out of the screen at you. Mix in with this below average special effects. Those who like OTT action and violence might get the slightest thrill from it on a rainy day, others will want to avoid. 2/5 (Poor)


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