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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
The cold is kicking my arse today. A lack of sleep isn't helping. Amélie woke at 4am, after I finally fell asleep gone midnight. I checked her room, and there was light bleeding through the edges of the blackout blind, inevitably as there's a gap between the blind and the wall. I was amazed to see light at 4am, as sunrise wasn't due until around 5am. So is the light the issue? It could well be, based on the connection with melatonin production. If there are continued 4am wake ups for the next few days we'll have to sort out something else, or go insane.

Amélie referred to me as "papae" relatively consistently for the first time today. In fact we were going up the stairs - still one of Amélie's favourite pastimes - and I was saying "Amélie" and she was constantly replying with "papae". Lu also brought her into the bedroom, where I retreated to for a further sleep, and she was also calling me "papae" repeatedly. She has called me "papae" before, and possibly variations of "daddy" and "dada", but never in a consistent way, or only when she REALLY wants something. She has been referring to Lu as "mamae" for several weeks now. The strange thing is that I tend to talk to Amélie more in Portuguese than English. I'm not entirely sure why, but the habit has formed. Of course my Portuguese is not perfect, so I might be better to try and force myself to speak to her in English.

Amélie's empathy or sympathy has increased over the last few weeks. She has offered food before, but now she will offer food and expect you to eat some. I think I already mentioned, but she has become more constructive as well, rather than destructive. She will now pile cups on top of each other, and push shapes through the relevant holes (in the relevant toys). I'd like to buy her a better version of the latter, at the moment she has a toy where it's really hard to push the shapes through.

I've got job hunting and website work to do this afternoon. Neither can be put off, despite feeling like crap. I hate having to do anything while feeling like this :-(