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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Thursday, Haircut, Desert Island Discs, and Friday
BB Piano
A change of order for today.

Firstly, my cold seems to be about 80% over, thankfully. Plenty of rest yesterday seemed to be the ticket, although I'm not totally convinced I won't see a return.

Lu desperately needed some holiday shopping, so she went off to M&S this morning, and I looked after Amélie. I took her for a walk to feed the ducks, although when I gave her some bread to throw she ate it. I should have guessed that would happen, so lucky it was reasonably decent bread. I then took a detour to the better local playground, and pushed her on the swings for a fair while - she loves being "thrown around", and being swung on the swings is no exception. From there we walked home.

There are aspects of Amélie's personality beginning to shine through. Aside from being a bit of a tomboy, both in looks and attitude, she also seems to have a very determined character, that is she knows what she wants. Apparently she doesn't have any issue with telling - in her own way - other older children at nursery what she wants. It will be interesting to see whether these "personality seeds" continue as she gets older. Like any parent, I hope she doesn't have my failings.

I tried to book a haircut yesterday, and my hairdresser responded this morning that she was free at 2:30pm. So I headed off there a short while after Lu headed off to work, taking Amélie to nursery. My hair's starting to feel just a fraction long, and better to have it cut now than risk a Turkish barber. Plus short hair feels so much better when it's hot. And hot it is today as well, almost - the car said 23.5C, and it felt lovely.

I've just completed the website work, during which I listened to Roger Waters' Desert Island Discs. I'm not sure I've ever listened to a Desert Island Discs before, at least fully, which is ironic considering my semi-rip-off podcast The Random Three. I love the idea of it, but I probably won't be interested in, by far, the majority of people they interview*. But Mr. Waters I was very interested to hear - I'm always interested as to what drives musicians I like, and in turn what music they like to listen to, which can often be both a surprise and disappointment. I've felt a renewed kinship with Roger over the last few days, inevitably, and the programme was ultimately very interesting. I can't pretend to have had the real world problems that he had, but I still feel a strong connection with him for some reason, perhaps due to his deep and dark personality, and desire to try and overcome his problems. It took him until he was 50 to overcome some of them, with the help of therapy among other things.

*Edit: OK, well I was talking bollocks. I've just discovered they have a HUGE catalogue of past shows, all downloadable as MP3s. I've gone through the first few pages (2-3 years) and found at least 10 or so people. Well done BBC! (again)

We're running out of food, as we approach the holiday. Tonight though will be salmon and some veggies, possibly with a creamy chicken risotto tomorrow.

And tomorrow I have no real plans, other than packing, and going to see X-Men: First Class. Lu has mentioned she has a morning meeting, so I will need to look after Amélie alone in the morning, give her lunch, and then take her to nursery. Lu also mentioned she would like me to start packing today, as Amélie's allotted 10kg will not be enough, and Lu's allotted 25kg will probably be full, meaning I'll need to subsume some of Amélie's items. For starters we're taking a week's food for Amélie, just in case.

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bloody hell, how much are the three if you taking on holiday?! 25kg for Lu alone? I could understand if it was all for Amélie ;0)
When Stegzy and I went to the wedding in Greece a couple of years back we took one bag between us and it was 13kg

Well 25 + 25 + 10, so I'm guessing 65kg ;-)

tbh I'm not sure I'll hit 25, except that Lu might want to use some of my allowance. Typically I take two bags of 20kg to Brazil, for the 3 week stints.

Not sure how you managed 13kg. Was that for a week?!

Well 25 + 25 + 10, so I'm guessing 65kg ;-)

Or 50? ;0)

It was for 5 days, and included wedding clothes. I guess neither of us has many clothes!

The only good thing about you writing 50 is it should be 60. Phew ;-)

I'm taking a fair few T-shirts, but I'm a T-shirt whore, if you hadn't guessed. A few pairs of shorts (well, all the shorts I have), a pair of jeans, my camera gear... I'm guessing so far it'll be under 15kg.

LOL, I can't even count my own fingers ;0)

Ah yes, I forgot your t-shirt collection. I bet you are looking forward to your holiday

Not enjoying the stressful run up, and no doubt the stressful journey, but hopefully once there...

yes, travel can be stressful. I'm sure it will be nice once you get there :0)

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