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BB Piano
Woah, and it's Friday already.

It's been a fairly simple week. Tuesday and Wednesday we were in or around the hotel. Yesterday we went to Marmaris via the Taxi Boat - which leaves from the beachfront here, and then goes to Marmaris' old town. There were a number of tours we could have done, none of which were particularly expensive, but they mostly weren't suitable to drag a toddler around or just not very interesting. To be honest I've been quite happy here in the resort.

Marmaris is like a bigger and more poorly developed version of Ichmeler, with less of a beach. We stayed pretty much in the old town, which has a LOT of very nice restaurants at the marina, and a lot of very nice boats as well. We bought Amélie a pair of Crocs (or something that resembled them) in the Bazaar there, because they're easy to put on her, and very soft on her feet. She managed to get blisters from one of her pairs of sandals. We got the Taxi Boat back mid-afternoon.

The resort here is really nice, and only let down by bad management/service. For example, it's completely haphazard as to whether you get drinks service during meals, and we often get Amélie's high chair ourselves. The service at the bars surrounding the pool is even worse. I was waiting there for a couple of soft drinks, and one of the members of staff pushed in front of me. The bar had plenty of staff, but most weren't doing anything. When I got the drinks there was no ice or straws. Very odd. The reception staff are a bit arsey as well. The food is good though - the desserts are to die for, and there's always lots of fresh fruit - and the place is clean.

A lot of the restaurants along the beachfront are desperate for you to go there, much like in Spain, despite signs like "No! Hassel" outside (unless they don't serve David Hasselhoff there). Despite their desperation the service is still patchy there as well, so it would seem Turkey is not great for service. I'm not particularly bothered by it, more bemused, but these things do seem to be particularly basic. You can eat here cheaply if you want. A chicken doner sandwich and chips is around 4-5 Lira (£2) and a pint of lager is similar.

I'd come back here in a flash, because of the combination of great weather and the simplicity of the resort, and surrounding shops and restaurants. Lu and I semi-joked about if I get a job whether we could come back here again for a couple of weeks before I start. It's bemusing how a holiday with a baby and even more so a toddler revolves around them, inevitably. So when Amélie naps we have to wait for her, and when she's awake we have to follow her every second. It's very different from a holiday as a couple. Because of that you can't have or more so don't want a complex or problematic resort.

I got my first real taste of sun today, and have burnt myself slightly. I've been using factor 30 all week until today, but not had much time for any real attempt at sunbathing. Today I had an hour or so, and decided to drop to 20. Clearly that was a mistake, and here's hoping I don't peel. It has varied between 35-40C during the day all week. I won't attempt sunbathing tomorrow!

Amélie has either got another cold or is teething again. Her temperature was 38.5C last night, and similar this morning. It cooled down a bit after, amazingly, we got her to take a dose of Calpol with juice. But we have just checked it again, while she's napping, and it's 38.8C. I can't believe it would go this high with just teething, and her nose has been running again the last couple of days, so I suspect a cold is more likely. She's been a mixture of cute and tantrums all week, mostly cute.

Tomorrow's a bit of a pain as we're supposed to check out at midday, albeit this was made clear on the tickets. We don't get picked up from the hotel until 9pm. We can, if they have availability, extend this room or have another until 6pm for £35. Or until 9pm for £80 (!). We may opt for the 6pm deal. The alternative is using the spa facilities to "freshen up" (wash off the afternoon's sweat and suntan lotion) before we get picked up. I think it would be gracious of the hotel to offer the afternoon for free, but I'm probably expecting too much.

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I can't believe they are still doing that stupid chucking you out early routine these days :0(

It's a bit cheeky, especially when they know we have a 1-year old. Where was she supposed to nap?

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