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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Goodbye Turkey, Hello England, Random Stuff, and Next Week
BB Piano
So we managed to extend the check out for our room. This was rather fortunate as Friday night was a bit of nightmare, as Amélie was running a fever. Lu was very worried and wanted to give her Calpol, which meant the nightmare syringe routine. I wasn't so sure as (a) the fever is the body's way of fighting the infection and (b) her temperature hadn't gone over 40C (it was hovering around 39C and change, although I'm still not convinced there is any clear "de facto" guidance on what to do in this situation). Amélie wasn't happy though, and was waking up every hour in floods of tears, the poor thing). Eventually I suggested trying to mix Calpol with juice, but more so trying to get Amélie to drink it with a straw. Amélie loves drinking through a straw, and loves juice, so I wondered if the combination would work. And work it did, and we managed to get a whole dose of Calpol into her. I don't think it helped a great deal though, from memory, although it brought her temperature down temporarily.

Lu spent most of yesterday resting and packing, but I couldn't face spending the last day of the holiday in our hotel room. So I spent some of the morning and afternoon by the pool, and finally got to use my mask and snorkel in the afternoon as I said "au revoir" to the Big Blue. We got picked up again by taxi, at around 9pm. Waiting at the airport wasn't too bad, except I was tired and grumpy from the previous night, and boy was the airport hot, even in the late hours.

Things went downhill from there though. Getting on the plane was straightforward enough, but I was carrying a multitude of bags (my rucksack, Lu's rucksack, Amélie's change bag, and one carrier bag), along with Lu carrying Amélie, and my temper was fraying while trying to get all the bags into the overhead locker, along with trying to not hold people up. I think I scared the woman I was sitting next to, or at least she didn't look very happy. Then after we took off Amélie's temperature started to climb again, and at 39.8C Lu wanted to give her Calpol. So this meant getting bags out of the overhead locker without trying to disturb the woman next to me, who was asleep. Things were made worse by a really bad case of restless legs, exacerbated by me stupidly not having chosen an aisle seat. And that was made even worse by this all happening between 1:30-5am Turkish time. I'm struggling to remember a worse flight, and that includes the nightmare flights to Brazil. I'd have sworn never to fly again, if that was possible. I did fall asleep at the very end of the flight from utter exhaustion, and ironically was woken up by the landing, which I think is a first for me. Then it was the usual bullshit of passport control and baggage reclaim, followed by a slow transfer to get our car. Lu was more exhausted than me, so I drove, which was a rather stupid decision my part. I have never felt so tired while driving, and nodded off for a fraction of a second several times. I tried to keep myself awake by drinking water and orange juice, and we made it back alive and intact, somehow. Lessons learned: always book an aisle seat, and never NEVER drive yourself home after a long/night flight.

We all crawled into bed when we got home (well, Amélie was mostly carried) and I slept for 2-3 hours. Amélie woke around 9am, so I took her downstairs while Lu slept on. Because the fridge was almost empty I had a fit of good conscience and decided to clean it, properly. So I took out the minimal contents, and all the various shelves and boxes, then cleaned the lot. Amélie's temperature was still high, around 39C, and she pretty much refused to eat anything. I then spent the rest of the morning playing with her, which I multitasked with unpacking and sorting the first batch of washing (I don't have a clean pair of underpants in the house, which I appreciate might be too much information). I've also put in a moderate sized order with Tesco, which is being delivered early tomorrow.

Lu surfaced a few minutes ago, and Amélie is napping. So while Lu is making herself lunch I'm going to crack on with an hour or so of job hunting, to catch up with last week in a superficial way. The job hunting will have to wait, I need to rest a bit first.

In other news...

I finally started the audiobook of Simon Pegg's autobiography, Nerd Do Well. I know I bought it months ago with an iTunes voucher I got from someone, but I forget exactly when. It's a bizarre read, but also very good. Pegg mixes in a semi-amusing fictional autobiography with the more factual stuff, which he's surprisingly frank about. It seems to be less classic contiguous autobiography though, and more a sequence of anecdotes. It's surprisingly wordy as well, so I'm not sure whether it was ghost written (even partly), or that Pegg is very gifted in the vocabulary department. I'm only about 25% of the way through, so deeper conclusions will have to wait, although much like Pegg's repeated talk of feeling a connection with various heroes of his, so far I equally feel a strong connection with his life to-date.

In similar autobiographical type news, I listened to around ten episodes of Desert Island Discs while I was away. They made fascinating listening, and were all carefully selected from their archives, that is I selected a bunch of heroes of mine. It seems that so many people who come from problematic backgrounds do such amazing things, or more so learn from their difficult times and overcome it. Equally I'm sure there are people who don't.

So far I'm managing to resist the call of Twitter and more so Facebook, more or less. It's made easier by what feels like a change in the Facebook environment over the last few weeks. Firstly there seems to have been a rise in snarky comments, and just overall snarkiness. Secondly the amount of activity I'm seeing on my feed has dropped substantially, more so in comments (and not just on my posts). I had a really great few months with Facebook, and part of me feels bad about not posting there having built up a form of social life. You might say "he's over analysing it!", but the environment has meant a lot to me over the last few months. I'm not sure where I go with it from here, but I feel the need to retreat back to LiveJournal, and more so my diary here. Probably the biggest issue I have with Facebook is the constant need to check it, it's a bad addiction, and perhaps that's the part I need to break most of all. And perhaps my frequent posts are equally frustrating to friends there, it's also hard to break the habit of "thinking in 160 characters", as I'm still automatically coming up with one liners in my head which lend themselves to both Twitter and Facebook.

I ought to do an Amélie update, but I'm struggling to think what has changed. Probably not a lot over the last week or two. One thing that's new is that she has started saying "Ow" a lot. It isn't clear whether this has developed from her impression of a cat (which is more "Ow" than "Meow"), or that she has picked up from Lu and I the connection between bad things and "Ow". Bemusingly she says it repeatedly when we do something she doesn't want e.g. change her nappy, or wipe her nose. This is semi-embarrassing in public when trying to wipe her face, and she's repeatedly screaming "Ow! Ow! Ow!". We're not child abusers, honest!

A semi-busy week next week. Tomorrow I've got the follow up appointment with the Immunologist. I don't hold out great hopes for any diagnosis as (a) my nausea has subsided for weeks now and (b) I received a copy of a letter to my GP from the Immunologist saying all my blood tests were negative (or at least that's how I read it). For some reason the word processed letter had test results scrawled over it in pen, somewhat randomly. I'm not sure if the letter was used as notepaper for something else, or this was supposed to convey important information. Early tomorrow afternoon I've got to sign on (hence the need to catch up with job hunting, and sort out the paperwork) and I might go and buy a suit afterwards. Either way I have to buy a suit at some point. Then later on it should be a walk with steveeeee, unless he's busy/unavailable. Tuesday morning Lu and I have the dentist (I'm not sure when we're supposed to start taking Amélie, but we'll find out then). Neither Lu or I have been for 2 years - slapped wrists - so hopefully horrors don't await us. I've been pretty bad about dental hygiene the last couple of years, and equally bad with my diet, so I can't imagine it will be good news. Tuesday afternoon I need to prepare the presentation for my interview, which it seems is set for Friday morning. Wednesday afternoon should be another walk with steveeeee. Thursday afternoon I'll need to prepare for the interview.

Ironically I had a couple of people try to contact me about jobs while I was away, although they are only initial leads at this point, and both involve agencies.

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I've driven dangerously tired too many times but the only time I fell asleep at the wheel I didn't even feel tired

I think I'll try and get the Simon Pegg autobiography

I can certainly see why they say driving tired is as dangerous if not more so than driving drunk.

I think Nerd Do Well is a must buy for Pegg fans. So far I'm not put off the fella :-)

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