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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So it was a relatively early start this morning, aside from the earlier start, as Lu and I had the dentist at 10am. I was a bit wary of going because of the history with the bruxism, where I didn't go to the follow up appointment in London. The dentist made no mention of it though, and was in fact absolutely lovely. This dentist has always been good, but this time around he excelled himself. The cherry on the cake was that I have no need for fillings, and just a hygienist appointment in 3 or so weeks. I was debating moving to a more local dentist, but after today I won't bother.

Because we had some time between the appointment and lunch we made a stop at Marks & Spencer's Camberley so I could look at suits. After a couple of failed attempts at selection - I hate pleated trousers! - I managed to find one, along with a reasonable shirt and tie. I do have lots of shirts, but none of them will button up without throttling me. And most of my ties are at least 10 years out of fashion. I'm up to a 42" waist now, and it's pretty hard to find anything at M&S with a 44" waist. Eek. In all fairness though I've been around this waist size for a year or two now, that is I appear to have "stagnated" at my current weight, based on my input and output.

We didn't feel Amélie was well enough to go to nursery, so I stayed with her all afternoon. It was fun, but a little frustrating as I wanted to get on and complete the bulk of my interview presentation. I took her for a walk in the pram around 4pm, via the local supermarket. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the garden, as the weather was so lovely. She can now get from the back door to the garden, and vice versa. She also got down off the sofa for the first time today. Her technique to-date has been diving head first off anything high, which we've always been around to stop, thankfully. We have been trying to teach her that she needs to turn around and go off backwards, and today she did just that, by herself.

I felt very tired at one point in the afternoon, and on the verge of sleep. No doubt due to last night's shenanigans. It will most definitely be an early night tonight, and I'm hoping Amélie will be well enough to go to nursery tomorrow, so I can get this damn presentation done.