The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

It was another early night last night (9-10pm), but Amélie woke up around 5am. She was thrashing around in our bed, and not settling, so I left both Lu and her with some space to settle (Queen sized bed please!) and went to the sofa in the Living Room (spare bedroom please!). I started to sleep there, but a bluebottle was buzzing around, and kept landing near me. I was in that half awake place where I could hear the fly, but was too asleep to get up and do anything about it. Suffice to say I didn't sleep much after 5am, until Lu and Amélie came down around 8:30am.

This morning was made of some very focussed time with Lu and Amélie. The latter's in a much better mood, so clearly her cold is passing. Her rash is also much reduced. I had a call around 12pm, just as I was making lunch, from an agency. I had been told the call would be at 10:30am, but c'est la vie. The agency found me via LinkedIn, much to my surprise, and the job sounds ideal. The only problem is that I don't have a part of the experience listed, so it remains to be seen how crucial that is. What they're asking for is very specialist anyway, so I might be in luck. The job pays well, and is in Surrey, although it remains to be seen where.

This afternoon I was very keen to get started on my interview presentation. Ideas have been whirling around my head for weeks, and I was starting to get worried that I would not be able to get them down on "paper". But after some furious activity, and lots of idea bouncing and help from Twitter/Facebook friends, I've got what feels like a very cohesive presentation at the 95% stage. I say 95% because (a) I always need to sleep on things like this and then go back for an edit and (b) I'll need to run through it, inevitably with Lu (poor Lu!). I really don't know how I'll be viewed for this job. Perhaps they'll see me as over experienced, and therefore likely to leave after a short period. Perhaps they'll relish the chance to employ someone with the amount of experience I have. Perhaps there will be better qualified candidates there. The usual interview unknowns. I need to review the application form and job description, which I'll probably do tomorrow afternoon. I've also been asked for three forms of ID and exam certificates which I need to sort out, although I'll probably only bother with my degree certificate for the latter, unless the rest are easy to find (... although on reflection I hope my degree certificate is easy to find).

Now that this is all done I feel both physically and mentally exhausted, most likely due to the disturbed night more than anything.

In other news...

As mentioned, my self enforced Facebook and Twitter exile has completely failed. But equally it's going through a bit of a renaissance there, for at least the last 3 days.
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