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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Be depressed all ye that enter here...

The contract arrived from the environment agency. All looks OK but still no start date. I'm not sure how this is going to work with the Job Centre.

Starting work is niggling away at the back of my head. I guess I'm worried about "office life" after having my lovely free form break. The shoulder devil is worrying about all the office politics bullshit and other banal rubbish that goes on, and the shoulder angel is saying here's a chance to make a lot of new friends and experiences. I really hope I can connect with some people at this place and it isn't a bunch of shallow fuckwits. I guess time will tell; a job is not for life, and not for Christmas either.

Mum and Dad are back today, which no doubt means that Mum will start to pester me about every detail of the job. It seems sad to me that she is far more interested in things like this than any other aspect of my life. My health? Nah. My hobbies? Nah. My wellbeing? Nah. My friends? Nah. If you're going to have children show them some real love for fucks sake. It isn't rocket science, and I'm not a god damn fashion accessory.

I love the idea in the film Pay It Forward (I remember catching this by accident a few months back on Sky, with the excellent Kevin Spacey). That if everyone went out and did 3 selfless and hard things for 3 different people what a better place the world would be. But why stop at 3? Everyday I go out of my way to help people out. This world is spiraling down a selfish shit hole. Very few people will go out of there way to do anything any more.

In other news game and movie blockbusters continue (there has to be something to look forward to... right?). Have booked tickets for Matrix 2 for the 21st (yep, I'm a sheep). I just found out that GTA Vice City was released today for the PC, so to break my funk I'm gonna get that and possibly some GameCube games as well (I'm very reticent about buying potentially shit games at the moment, especially as they cost so much damn money). Enter the Matrix is out, but I'm wary of this. I might get it anyway though. Doom 3 has a release date (I must have been living under a rock). Out on the 30th June. Terminator 3 is out next month (I think). Half Life 2 also has a release date. Credit card, ho!

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I never saw the movie but it sounds like a good thing :D God knows the world needs it! I know its hard going back to work thinking positively, well it will help you pay off your credit card better after getting all these games heehehe

Wow, that was some pretty mopey stuff. (And given my horrible mood two days ago, there must be something in the air.)
I've decided to adopt the term "fuckwits." It's always good to expand one's vocabulary, and I can think of at least ten people who are most appropriate for this title. Thanks.
Feel better!

No job = no money coming in.

Games, videos, expensive car, etc = lots of money going out.

no money coming in + lots of money coming out = big problem.

Yeah, I hate this whole "economy" thing.

I don't know how you do it.  Are you getting into loads of debt, or is someone else paying for all this?

Thankfully my international drug cartel is still running a profit.

OMG OMG totally creaming my pants.... DOOM 3.... I have been waiting for that since like middle school....

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