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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
It was games night last night, so not amazingly early to bed. But equally not that late. I unwittingly woke up Amélie with the screaming and shouting to my fellow gamers. The difficulty is her room's next door, and even with both doors closed I still seem to get through.

I understand from Lu that she also woke up at midnight and in the wee hours, with a "proper" wake up at 5am. Lu'd had enough, so she went to sleep on the sofa. I managed to get Amélie to sleep back in her cot, and then she woke up again at 7am, and then surprisingly slept with me in the bed until around 8:30am. I then took her downstairs and made breakfast, while Lu had a shower. We need to reinstigate the PUPD routine again, consistently.

The cleaner was back again today. Thankfully she didn't break anything, but she does strike me as a bit of a numpty (well, she's no rocket scientist, surprisingly). It doesn't help that there's not a cleaning contract with her, detailing what she has to do. We certainly had that when I managed the cleaning contract at my previous employer, and it makes things very clear. It's a bemusing type of contract to read though.

Amélie's night time hijinks left her tired, and she fell asleep around 11am, and then didn't wake up until gone 1pm. This was too late for Lu to give her lunch and take her to nursery, so I did that after Lu went off to work. Once I was back I had another load of cat crap to clean up in our tiny front garden. It seems the Jeyes Fluid that Mum put there a week ago has been washed off already. No surprise with all the rain we've been having. Why they seem to pick our bit of front garden as a toilet though I have no idea. Once that was done I tidied up the understairs cupboard, replaced the suitcases, and lamented the lack of space in this house.

Then I did some job hunting, and further prep for tomorrow. I now have all the documents I need, including backups where relevant. I ran through the presentation with Lu this morning, and she was a suitably tough audience. I also tried out a Windsor knot, as I've not tied one for years. Fortunately the memory still seems to be alive. I've also got as good an idea as possible of where I need to park, and where the office is (helped by Google Street View).

Once all that was done it was time to start preparing dinner, as I had promised Lu I would make Moussaka. I'm getting lazy about cooking, and this requires a fair bit of prep, so it took some mighty effort to overcome my lazy streak. Despite that it seems to have come out well. Only fly in the ointment were the potatoes. I seem to have bought the smallest potatoes in the Universe, so it was like putting together a Roman mosaic in the dish.