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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I was cream crackered last night, so had another early (9-10pm) night. Needless to say I was a little stressed about the interview, so in turn my sleep was a little restless. It didn't help that Amélie woke up once, so it was a brief session of PUPD time. Lu told me that she also woke up another time, but as Lu couldn't wake me up she gave her a feed. Lu was very kind though, and let me have a lay-in this morning. That is when Amélie woke at 6am she took her downstairs... or I slept on the sofa... I can't remember.

It wasn't much of a lay-in though, as I had a shower at 8am, to get ready in plenty of time for the interview. I had remembered during the night that I needed to polish my shoes, which got polish all over the bathroom sink. That and a few other things ended up delaying me, and I left later than I was expecting. I got parked and found the place with no issue at all. I was about 25 minutes early, so was thinking about going for a walk around the block when it started to spit with rain. I didn't have an umbrella so opted to wait in their office, with the apology that I was just early because of the rain.

The interview started early, and went... fluidly. That is I felt like I had good answers to all the questions they asked, and the presentation went over well. Inevitably I was asked why someone with my experience and previous salary was applying for the job, but I think I fielded the question OK. My only apprehension was that they seemed slightly detached, as if they had already made their minds up and weren't 100% interested. I can see the positives of both getting and not getting it, so I'll try not to beat myself up too much if I don't. Life will go on. And if I do get it at least it's some money coming into the pot.

I came home directly, other than a slight hiccup when I arrived a minute or two behind a nasty car accident. Despite only being away 3 hours I had this odd feeling of missing Lu and Amélie, so it was a joy when I came through the back door and Amélie screamed her delight at seeing me, and then ran over. I had this very clear feeling of what was important in life.

Once Lu and Amélie had left for nursery I heated up some moussaka for lunch. Curiously it tasted a lot better than yesterday. Then I headed off for Fleet to finally use the Game voucher that Lu got me earlier in the year, buying a copy of Child of Eden. Bemusingly Game had a pre-owned copy (it was released today) from a bundle where the person hadn't wanted it. Result! It was still in the wrapping. Kudos to the very chatty and lovely sales assistant. I also picked up some odds 'n' sods from Sainsbury's, but not the papayas for Lu that I went there for, as they didn't have any.

I had a quick go on Kinect Labs once home, and since have been semi-procrastinating on the PC. Now time to actually play Child of Eden.

Plans for the weekend...

We have a birthday party for a friend's 2-year old tomorrow afternoon.

We had planned to go and see Barry and Jo on Sunday, but we've all realised it's Father's Day, and have shifted it to next week. I've just spoken to Mum and loosely arranged to meet up instead for lunch.

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Interview sounds ok, well done

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