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The Stainless Steel Rat

So I won't bother you with exhaustive detail about another exhausting night. Suffice to say it involved me going to bed too late, and Amélie waking up a couple of times. Lu took the early shift from around 5-6am onwards, and then I took over around 8am while she went back to bed. When Lu was awake again late morning I popped out to the local supermarket to get some essentials.

It's a Monday, so it was no nursery for Amélie. No signing on for me today either, but Mum came over anyway for an hour or so. I like her company, yet she still stresses over whether to come over or not. Amélie seems to have fully recharged batteries after the last few days, and she was insanely energetic. Fortunately I was also feeling full of energy, so managed to wear her out for a change. Among other things we were dancing for a while to the "Panther Pink Panther" theme. A friend on Facebook mentioned it, and it awakened lots of memories of Saturday nights in the late 70s (early 80s?). I loved this particular theme, even more so than the classic Pink Panther theme. I even used to have the Pink Panther car, a version with a flywheel and rip cord that you could "drive" at high speed.

When Mum arrived Amélie was looking dazed because she was so tired, but 5 minutes later she was running around again. Amélie was an utter delight today, and laughing like a drain for most of it. I still have to mentally pinch myself at times, including today, to believe that she's mine (and Lu's).

steveeeee arrived around an hour or so after Mum left. Unfortunately we were victims of the weather, and got drowned while trying a new walk. Even "water off a duck's back" steveeeee wanted to foreshorten the walk :-D Fortunately I'd remembered the rain cover for the pram, so Amélie only got a wet sock when she decided to stick her foot outside of it. I'd also brought Lu's rather feminine umbrella, which turned out to be partly broken. We both got back to the house looking like semi-drowned rats, albeit more so poor steveeeee.

I had a real hankering for burritos tonight, and they're so easy to prepare courtesy of Old El Paso. I was dropping with tiredness following dinner, so went and had a nap while Lu put Amélie to bed. Of course I've woken up wide awake now.

No real plans for tomorrow. Fortunately I've got a mostly clear afternoon to do my usual every-three-weeks website work. I've been keeping up-to-date every day now with job hunting, at least for the last week or so, so there's no pile of job data to look at.

In other news...

All sorts of bizarre news today. The most epic bit was related to Blade Runner. For those who don't already know I'm a huge fan of the film, and I've been lucky enough to meet a couple of people related to it in some loose sense, aside from participating in an Internet group fan group for 15 years. It suddenly struck me that we ought to celebrate the release date every year, so I checked when it was, and it turns out semi-coincidentally that it's the 26th of June, this coming Saturday. This year it's the 29th anniversary (the big 3-0 next year). I set up an event on Facebook, invited all my BR friends, and in turn asked them to invite all their BR friends, basically for a big BR love in. Last night Isa Dick Hackett posted on the event wall (Isa is the daughter of Philip K Dick, who wrote the book that Blade Runner is based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep). Isa loved that we had set the event up, and said it was particularly poignant to her because it was Father's Day. She said it was "so cool" to see so many people enjoying her father's story. Suffice to say my gob was smacked, and my morning was buoyed. Clearly somebody in the friends of BR friends knows Isa.

Oddly I got several calls about jobs today from agencies, after receiving next to nothing since February. One call was a follow up to an application last week. The agent asked about my current situation, and I said I had an interview last week. He said he would try and expedite the application he was dealing with, on the basis I was in demand, and that the company really liked my CV. Possibly bullshit, but this job is one I really want to get, it's both technically interesting and pays well. The only unknown is exactly where it is. I've just been told Surrey so far. Another call related to an application I made on Saturday. The agent said I had a good chance, aside from the showstopper of what I was earning at my previous job (this job has a substantially lower salary, much like the job I interviewed for last week). She said if they want to interview then she wants to see me ahead of this, to discuss techniques on not putting them off re. my salary and experience. Clearly this is going to prove a sticking point time and time again for lower salary and lower skilled jobs. Very much damned if I do and damned if I don't on that aspect. Frustrating.

A Facebook friend also contacted me about a job she had spotted. It's essentially a social media marketing job for a local games company, which sounds fantastic in some respects. Of course it requires someone with lots of gaming experience, which I can more or less tick the box for. I can also tick the social media box, albeit in a purely amateur sense. It did talk about a marketing degree being desirable, so I probably don't have much chance, but I applied for it anyway. Being for a games company, and also being rather specific, chances are it will be a contract job and expire at some point. But still, a great temp job if nothing else, aside from my rather low chance of getting it. Again though, nothing ventured nothing gained.
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