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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Not an awful lot happened today, but it was laid back at least.

Another so-so night with Amélie, although I've forgotten the detail. Suffice to say it involved an early start, lay-ins etc.

It was website work for most of the afternoon, at least until around 4:30pm when I started cooking lasagna, another food request from Lu. It went pretty well, and even my white sauce thickened perfectly, near as dammit. I suspect I didn't add enough layers, as it seems to have too much meat sauce versus pasta. I will correct that for next time, possibly.

I finished watching The Killing Season 1 (US version). It started really well, but dropped to average about a third to half the way through. It wasn't helped by story arcs that formed large pieces of the programme, but then went nowhere. It also doesn't help that the first season has ended on a cliffhanger, although it must be the case that the source does something similar. I suspect I would have been better off watching the source instead, although was lulled into a false sense of suspicion by the strong opening of the US version.

I started watching Falling Skies, but it was so bad that I gave up after an hour. Unoriginal, cliché and dull pretty much sum it up for me. Add to that the film I Am Number Four, which was so clearly targeted at pre-teens as to be pointless for me to watch.

Tis my birthday tomorrow, but so far there are no plans to celebrate much, unlike previous years. I'd like to go for a big celebration next year when I reach the big 4-0. I've already got the idea for that, but will see if (a) I forget it (b) whether I can realise it (although it shouldn't be that difficult) and (c) whether anyone's interested enough to come along.

Anyway, tomorrow should involve finishing off the website work in the afternoon, then a walk with steveeeee, and then maybe some gameplaying late evening as per usual - I'm not sure if the latter makes me a bad person, and I should be celebrating with Lu? But it's my birthday and I can play if I want to? :-)