The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So despite a semi-early night I stayed awake until gone midnight reading Ed Stafford's Walking the Amazon*. I remember the series on National Geographic or some such channel, but bearing in mind it took him almost 3 years to do it, and the programme was 3 episodes, it felt more like the Cliffs Notes version. So I was really glad to see the book, on the basis that it will do his story justice. I'm a fair way into it already, and it's gripping reading.

*Note this is £9.99 on iBooks, but £14.39 on the Kindle, at the time of writing.

Amélie didn't wake up during the night, but she did wake up early, around 5am. She wouldn't settle again, so I took her downstairs from 6-8:30am so Lu could sleep. I had a nap mid-morning.

Lu was wonderful, and decorated the house with Happy Birthday signs. She bought a Haribo cake (there's Haribo birthday cakes?!), and we lit the candles after lunch. Then Lu and Amélie had to head off to work and nursery respectively.

I had to crack on with the website work for a couple of hours, and then found myself with an hour to spare, so I recorded a podcast. I had some audio level issues so ended up having to restart after 20 minutes, which is always frustrating. Although my podcast recordings are so chaotic it does at least give me a sort of rehearsal.

Once that was finished I headed off to Basingstoke for a walk with steveeeee. It has been raining more or less all day, but amazingly as I approached Basingstoke the sun came out, so we had a nice dry walk (and the usual hilarious conversation). Once that was done it was back to Fleet, with a quick stop at Tesco Express for some essentials.

Amélie was a nightmare this evening, crying almost non-stop with tiredness, or that's what we suspected. So after a quick dinner Lu took her for a bath and a feed. It must have been tiredness as she fell asleep very quickly.

And in 20 minutes or so it's our Wednesday gaming session.

In other news...

Not only has Isa Dick Hackett written on the wall of the Blade Runner Facebook event, so has Joanna Cassidy! A lovely birthday present, swoon!
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