The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Another bad night. Although Amélie went to bed early, she woke at 1am and then 3am. I went to her first for the former, and she went back to sleep within a few minutes. Lu went to her first for the latter, couldn't get her to sleep, so then I went there and she fell asleep relatively quickly again. Then she was up around 5-6am this morning. Lu took care of her from then on, but either way I'm shattered following another bout of post-midnight insomnia.

Although the insomnia was not helped by obsessive reading, it also wasn't helped by starting another cold. So far it's one of the "grumbling away" type colds, with sore ears, nose and throat, and aches and pains. We'll see whether it gets worse. Lu also has the same thing. Three guesses as to who Patient Zero is. Clue: she's regularly covered in snot.

Yesterday was a bit manic, in a good way, so today feels like a bit of a comedown. I suspect it was inevitable, bearing in mind the lead up to my birthday.

No plans for today, other than job hunting, which suits me fine with the cold. Lu has gone out this morning with a local Brazilian friend who is returning to Brazil in the next few days. She has taken Amélie.

I'm planning to have lunch with some ex-colleagues tomorrow, from my most recent employer. Hopefully the cold won't stymie this as it was already delayed from last Friday, when I found out I had the job interview.

In other news...

I'm not big on checking blog stats, friend counts, comment counts etc. My feeling has always been that I write what I want, and if people like it then it's an added bonus. In fact it surprises me how obsessed some people are about these things. Anyway, every few months I remember to check my website stats, more out of idle curiosity than anything (read: when I've got nothing better to do). Most of my podcasts average around the 100 downloads mark, so I was surprised to see No. 67 had hit around 500! They appear to be genuine downloads, rather than incomplete, which has fooled me in the past. I'm also not sure if this figure represents all the downloads since I posted it in November 2009 (yes, November 2009. My podcasting frequency leaves a lot to be desired!), or just since March 2011. I vaguely remembered forgetting to download the logs for a period of time (I manually FTP them, as my host only keeps around 20 days worth), and initially thought this comprised late 2010 and early 2011. A double check reveals that I do have those files after all, so I'm busy unzipping them (there's a LOT, as each daily log is kept in a single CAB file). I'm also not sure whether the website stats retains the total number of downloads anyway, and the detailed per day stats require the log file. All should become clear soon. Curiously the podcast in question was one where I guested on my own show, and the subject related to computer game music.

A few days ago I got a couple of interested agencies via LinkedIn, which was a novelty for me. I was feeling particularly desperate about the job situation, so I sent group messages to a number of my ex-colleagues also on LinkedIn asking for recommendations. I wasn't expecting much response, and was somewhat embarrassed afterwards that I did it, but then I was pleasantly surprised to get around 10 recommendations over the last few days. I did offer a reciprocal recommendation, which I'm sure helped, but they still all felt genuine in content.
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