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In Amélie update news...

As often is the case I'm struggling to think of nice discrete changes. Her desire to get out of the house, or predominantly the ground floor of the house, is reaching new extremes. She still loves the stairs, but ever since being introduced to the back garden she is obsessed with going out there. If there's the slightest hint that the door will be opened she's there, and if she isn't allowed to go out e.g. it's raining, we're about to eat etc. then she bursts into tears. It's somewhat frustrating as we cannot explain to her why she can't go out, and clearly she doesn't understand.

Not much change in vocabulary. She still does a great Portuguese "mamae" and "papai". We think she's saying "good girl" as well, but it sounds a lot "goo go".

It seems like tantrums, or more typically getting very upset and just short of a tantrum, are on the rise. The last few days she has been particularly cranky. She's got a number of new teeth coming through, aside from the eight top and bottom front teeth which are there, so it could well be teething. Also her night time routine has been less than brilliant, so factor in tiredness as well.

Not a new behaviour, but while I think of it she has always been really good about getting dressed. When you put a top on her she knows to put her arms in the sleeves. When she's lying down and we're putting trousers or socks on she'll lift her legs up to help. The last few days though she's starting to become a little less unhelpful e.g. kicking her legs, making it near impossible to connect the poppers on her vest.

Amélie seems to be preferring Lu to I more than before, that is in general situations she'll tend to go to Lu before me. I'm not surprised because of the breast feeding deal, and inherent with that Lu spends more time with her. Sometimes the situation is reversed though, and she'll go from Lu to me.

I really need a number of categories for these Amélie updates, or something like a checklist so I can update on the various aspects of a growing child. For starters there are physical changes, motor skills, vocabulary, behaviour... any other suggestions?
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