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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Weight Scales
So I can feel my mind getting ready for the idea of doing more exercise, essentially cycling. The next 2 weeks are going to be relatively quiet, assuming nothing happens on the job front.

The two problems though are:

1. I feel fat. I look fat. I'm embarrassed as to what people will think of this "puddin' on a bike". There's no way I can get around that, short of losing 20kg before I start cycling.

2. Clothes. I still have all my cycling clothes, and not surprisingly none of my tops fit. I'm not sure if my bibbed shorts fit, but either way proper cycling shorts are going to be required, and the bibbed bit might hold in some of the gut, and the rest. I feel like I ought to wear some shorts over the cycling shorts though, otherwise it's all horribly lycra-y. Not a good look for my weight.

These are the inherent problems of trying to lose weight through exercise when you're very overweight, and no doubt put a lot of people off even bothering.


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cycle early in the morning, not many people about to see ya if your that worried about it. Plus those people that do will think " wow his actually doing something about getting fitter, i should do the same!"

oh and another thing, your not doing it for anyone, your doing it for yourself so get out there and explore your area, things look so much different from the bike and you can stop and have a good look and maybe even a photo or 2 ;)

I'd have to cycle during the day, most likely the afternoon sometime, because that's the only time I'm free. I used to cycle early evening, which was a good time, but I was also a lot fitter.

I'm probably just evoking my own judgemental nature, and that I'd laugh at a fat person on a bike. And yep, I see the irony/hypocrisy.

I do miss cycling though, and have discovered at least two great areas to cycle around that are local.


The only people that are going to think "Hurrhurr look at the fat twat on a bike" are hideously shallow youths...and who gives a flying fuck what they think?

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