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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So yesterday turned out to be mostly nice and quiet.

We'd run out of plates and cutlery, so I needed to turn the dishwasher on. It transpired there were no dishwasher tablets or powder. Using a bit of lateral thinking I thought, "fairy liquid... that works in the sink, let's try it in the dishwasher!". I think my crucial error was filling the tablet/powder compartment. I came downstairs later in the afternoon, walked up to the sink and thought, "that's odd, the kitchen mat is wet". I opened the dishwasher and it was partly full of suds. Oops. Luckily the area around the dishwasher was more moist than flooded, so presumably it foamed up inside and the door is not watertight. I ran it again on a quick cycle and the suds were washed away at least, although the odd item wasn't cleaned properly.

I recorded another podcast. This time with daz71 as a guest. I've got three ideas currently for shows with me as a guest, so will be able to crack on with those now as I have no guests left in the queue. Although I do need to be slightly manic to record a podcast and enjoy it.

I'd left some time to tidy up before Lu got home, but my plans failed as Mum called just as I had started, and it was a long phonecall. I'd heard via email the day before but my Aunt Jean is ill in hospital, so got some further detail from Mum. I'm still not entirely clear on what the problem is, but I'm not sure anyone is. My Uncle Terry has moved in with my cousin Roger, or vice versa. It transpires my cousin Roger has a girlfriend, which was very much new news.

Lu has finally got her iPad 2 following the work competition. It's pretty good, and better than I was expecting. I still think the lack of physical keyboard would be a deal breaker for me, and I also have no specific need for one. Still, it's rather fun.

Yesterday evening though I tried using Hyper-V to setup an Exchange server. It transpired that Hyper-V only runs on Windows Server so I almost accidentally wiped by Windows 7 install with Windows Server. So instead I downloaded trials of Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2010 and installed on VMWare Player. VMWare is still as awesome as it was 10 years ago, only more so. Installing Exchange was a bitch though, with all sorts of tedious things that had to be setup beforehand. I still can't install it because of a problem with the domain, that I couldn't figure out late last night. It remains to be seen whether I can set it up. I was semi-impressed with my Server skills to that point, as I figured out a number of problems fairly quickly.

My cold is still grumbling away, but hasn't got nasty, hence I'm still planning to go to the pub for lunch with a handful of ex-colleagues. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the afternoon, short of job hunting. I thought I had used an application form for the job interview on Tuesday, but it must have been online as I have no record. Hence I can't do much preparation.

We've been invited to a number of things tomorrow, but most likely we will meet up with Ed & Ana at a Festa Junina, somewhere on the fringes of London at a Brazilian cultural centre. We can only go in the afternoon, to work around Amélie's meal and nap times. We're off to Barry & Jo's for lunch on Sunday.

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my mother often uses fairy in her dishwasher, but she squirts it over the plates

I think as long as you're sparing it may well work. Filling the powder/tablet compartment was a bad idea :-D

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