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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So it was an odd morning, with the aforementioned early start. I went back to bed for some of the morning, and Lu took care of Amélie.

Amélie then had a nap around 10:30am, and slept on for almost 2 hours. This made us late for Barry and Jo, but it wasn't a big issue. Barry and Jo were lovely as always, and after lunch we all played with Amélie in the garden. She loved their dog and cat, and was chasing the dog around for most of the afternoon. Equally she was very happy with a washing up bowl full of water and some cups.

Lu drove my car home (for the first time), and as she was tired she had a nap when we arrived. I took Amélie out into the back garden for a while, then for a walk down to the playground and back. She toddled the whole way, although still insists on picking up stones and sucking them. Here she is toddling along to the playground...

I gave Amélie dinner, and Lu woke up shortly after that. Then Lu and I had dinner, which Amélie enjoyed some of as well. Lu and Amélie have now retired upstairs to see if Amélie will sleep. She did have a lot of energy, but it suddenly seemed to run out a few minutes ago.

A few photos from today...

No Paparazzi Please!

^Here's Amélie in a resized cap and sunglasses.

Baz's Dental Problem :-)

^Barry showing off his broken tooth.

It's a Cat!

^Amélie and Barry and Jo's cat.

All 17 photos from today are here at Flickr.