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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
We were both in bed at a reasonably sensible time last night. I think Amélie woke once during the night, and then at her usual early time, but she slept on until around 8am. That meant Lu and I were both relatively fresh this morning.

Mum arrived around the time that Lu was leaving for work, but Amélie was asleep (having fallen asleep around 11:30am). I left for the Jobcentre shortly afterwards, just pointing out to Mum where Amélie's lunch was. I didn't stop long in Farnborough, so was back by 2:30pm. Amélie had woken up, and Mum had given her almost all her lunch.

Amélie was full of beans today. I can't remember whether it was this morning, or after Mum went, but she climbed onto my lap while I was sitting on the sofa. She's never been able to do that before, and usually asks to get pulled up. Also Mum gave me a high five - a silly affectation we've done for years - and bemusingly Amélie asked for one as well by holding her hand up, another first.

We toddled with her up to the local playground and back. She was a lot more focussed this time, and held my hand (well, my finger) all the way there. She lost focus on the way back though, and was trying to pick up stones to suck.

I realised around 5:30pm that we didn't have any butter, required for the chicken risotto for dinner, so I took Amélie with me down to Morrisons. Lu arrived shortly after 6pm, just as I was getting started with the meal. Once all that was done and eaten I more or less collapsed on the sofa in a heap.

Interview tomorrow at 10am.

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Best of luck for tomorrow!

Good luck! Hope it goes well!

Good Luck for tomorrow. I hope you do well

Thanks! Although I didn't get it unfortunately(ish).

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