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BB Piano
I forgot to mention I'm about halfway through Jon Ronson's The Psychopath Test. It's a fascinating read, and although it starts in a meandering fashion, I have already got to what I believe is the psychopath testing bit. On the one hand I've been thinking back over my past life and some of the nutcases I've had to deal with, primarily at work. Based on the alleged rule that 1% of the population are psychopaths to some degree this would explain a lot, and lots of the characteristics were there in these individuals. On the other hand you can't help but think "am I a psychopath?!" when reading it, as Jon Ronson did when researching it. It's somewhat reassuring to learn that (a) psychopaths apparently don't question this and don't think they are at all and (b) they do not have remorse (among other more vague characteristics). With the latter, I'm often paralysed with remorse about certain situations, and agonise over it endlessly. That in turn lead me to think "well, what is the opposite of a psychopath?". Jon Ronson must have been thinking similar things as a few pages further on he identifies that it is someone who suffers from anxiety, something he himself identifies with.

At this halfway point I'm somewhat concerned as to what the rest of the book contains. Will I forever be worrying about whether someone is a psychopath (again, something Jon Ronson found after he learned the system to identify them), will it turn out to be a load of old hooey, or something else?