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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So fortunately Ed & Ana (& Tom) opted to come and see us today, and we had a BBQ!

Last night I did a big BBQ shop, as we've got Mum and Dad, and my sister and family, coming over tomorrow for a BBQ as well.

Prior to Ed & Ana's arrival I headed over to the huge Tesco at Camberley to see if I could get coconut cream, for use in a cocktail. On retrospect I'm not actually sure what coconut cream is, but according to Tesco Online you can only get creamy coconut milk and cream of coconut, both primarily for use in making curries. The former I've seen before, because Lu used it to make a Brazilian dessert (that was very yummy!). It comes in a can and is like somewhat lumpy milk, for lack of a better description. The latter I've never seen before, but comes in small sachets, and apparently has to be melted in hot water. Neither seem quite right, especially the latter. Anyway, the reason for the coconut obsession is that I'm trying to make a Swimming Pool cocktail. I had one a year or three ago in Croatia, and really liked it. Although I'll pretty much drink any cocktail, due to the combination of sweetness and alcohol.

Ed & Ana arrived around 1pm, and stayed until gone 5pm. They brought me a belated birthday present (SingStar Dance), card, and cake! I was very chuffed. We even sang a fair bit of SingStar partway through the afternoon, much to the chagrin of our neighbours I suspect!

I also made a couple of batches of Swimming Pools, which were pretty good.

Now I'm absolutely knackered and have a stinking headache. Not sure if the latter's related to the Swimming Pools. Everything's been cleaned up though, and we're ready for the second BBQ tomorrow.

We played with the silly slow motion function on the PowerShot to varying comical effect:

And some photos:

Big Bubbles

^Me and the bubble wand.

Big Bubbles

^Me and some bubbles.

Amélie & Tom

^Tom & Amélie.

All 10 photos from today are here at Flickr.

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LOL @ the flubber lips video!!

I like the picture of Amelie and Tom, Amelie doesn't look as pleased with Tom as he looks with himself.

I missed them playing together mostly as I was chatting with Ed, but Amélie was being a bit of a bully on and off. I'm not sure whether this means she's bullied at nursery, although I know she has been told off at nursery for bullying other children. As we can't communicate with her properly it's hard to know what to make of it.

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