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jimwilliams pointed out to me that my LiveJournal is hard to read with white text on a black background. Is this posing a problem for anyone else?

Yes, change it please!
Yes, a bit, but I'll cope
No, I view with my LiveJournal style
No, not at all
I'll comment!

If I change theme what should I change to?

Anything else about my LiveJournal I should know about?

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Remember- you cant please everyone! :)

There is that, but likewise if I'm making a major faux pas here I'd like to know about :-) Kudos to LJ though for the apply-my-style-everywhere setting.

I do also view you with own LJ style; I have to say that I wouldn't read you at all if I had to read white on black as it seems to strain my eyes.

Sometimes it puts me off replying to a post because the replies have to be typed in your style, so I weigh up whether what I have to say is worth the effort of eyestrain if I need to read the post again to clarify.

Icon relevant!

Maybe I'll switch style then, if I can remember how. Curiously I have the reverse problem, in that late at night a white background strains my eyes. I didn't really put much thought into choosing the style other than I-knowz-what-I-like.

It does hurt my eyes, especially when you do longer posts.

I had a quick look through the default styles but couldn't see anything I liked with a white background. Surprisingly there's lots with a black background! Not sure how to browse more offhand...

I mostly view in my own style, but when I do see it I find it easy to read

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