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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Amélie Amélie
In Amélie news...

I don't think I've done an update for a couple of weeks at least. I'm still trying to think of categories to use for an update, but perhaps it just boils down to physical and mental changes, without getting too complicated. The bigger problem is remembering what goes in them, which is where I need more of a detailed checklist.

Physically speaking her walking is getting fractionally better each day. She bursts into short runs, albeit infrequently, and pretty much walks everywhere. She is still in love with the stairs, and will go there at pretty much every opportunity she can. Now she will walk up and down holding my hands, rather than crawling or bum shuffling, and has even tried walking backwards down the stairs, which she found very amusing. I think I mentioned that she was able to get on the sofa by herself, as well as get off. She also tries to get off the bed, but it's a big drop and she usually falls with a bit of a bump if don't get to her in time. Lu bought her a small table and two chairs, and she can get into and out of the chair. As with the sofa she stands up on both as well, which we of course discourage, lots. Today she even stood up on her pink rocking horse, which again we weren't happy about! Clearly she's testing her improved balance.

Mentally speaking I've not spotted a lot of changes in her vocabulary. She still says "mamae" and "papai" a lot, and can still make a handful of animal noises when prompted either visually or with the word e.g. dog, pig, elephant. Plus there's "oi" ("Hi" in Portuguese). The only real change over the last few days is that she has been saying "daddy". I'm not 100% convinced, but this seems to be associated with me. Coincidentally she just called me specifically from the other room using "daddy", so I am 100% convinced now. I'm not sure why she has started doing this, as neither of us have been teaching her particularly (although Lu disputes this, and says that I say it all the time). I've been trying to teach her some more animal noises, but have made pretty much zero progress. When I ask her to make the animal noise for an animal she doesn't know she just does a pout, which seems to mask a cheeky smile. During the last few weeks she has started screaming more and more. When she wants something now she often screams to get our attention, and I'm talking an ear-splitting-high-pitched scream. She used to do something else before, but I can't remember what... some sort of sound/word.

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It's funny how they seem to pick up the words that are most effective, or useful to them rather than the ones we emphasize.
Finn has picked up "Mmmmm!" and "Biscuit!" which neither of us really recall saying to him. I've been trying to teach him 'drink' for weeks and it doesn't sink in at all. "All gone" is a new and slightly more useful one, but easily confused with "OH GOD!" which also seems to have come out of nowhere!

Heh, I guess the usefulness thing is key to it. She's started calling us now when she wants us, so names are useful! She still refuses to say her own name though, more or less.

This growing up thing is fascinating :-)

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