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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
As per usual our day started at 6am with Amélie, which wasn't too bad considering the crazy night yesterday when she didn't sleep until gone 10pm. The morning's mostly a blur. I have a feeling I was feeling really tired, so went back to bed relatively soon. Then I managed to put Amélie down for a nap from 10am to gone midday, when both Lu and I (again) had a nap. I managed to get up first and have a shower, but mostly waiting for Amélie to wake up made us slightly late for Ed & Ana.

We arrived to more of Ed's amazing pizza. The stuff is just so damn tasty, and the best pizza I've eaten outside of Sao Paulo (and possibly some parts of Italy). In some ways it's arguably even better than Sao Paulo pizza as the base is just so light and tasty. We then were going to sing karaoke, but it transpired Ed has taken his 360 to work, and he doesn't have SingStar for his PS3! Oops. If I'd known I would have taken my copy of SingStar and the microphones, or Project Karaoke (my laptop with songs, Shure mic, mixer etc.). Curiously there's a karaoke channel on Virgin Media, so we sang along to a couple of those to make up for it. Following that we headed off to the local park.

For some reason I was feeling a mixture of fat and lacking in energy once at the park. The former is a frustrating feeling where I can pretty much feel how overweight I am, and as if I'm constricted in all that I'm doing. At one point I went to pick up my PowerShot, which was in its case but the case was open. This meant the case came up but the camera flew out and skittered along the asphalt. I remembered mouthing a slow motion "nooooooooooo!". The camera was somewhat the worse for wear, with scuffs on every corner, some of the plastic casing had popped out of place, and most sadly the selection dial has come out of position somehow. I managed to sort of pop the casing back into place, but it seems like the selection dial is permanently in its new position. Weirdly everything worked afterwards though, although the camera did behave oddly once. Normally I get very upset about these sorts of things, but for some reason it's not bothering me all that much in a no-use-crying-over-spilt-milk way.

We left Ed & Ana's around 5:30pm, and after 20 minutes or so of griping from Amélie she fell asleep in the car. I also had to go to bed once home as I just felt completely lacking in energy, and almost ill. I woke up somewhere between 7-8pm with Amélie's crying. Lu was in the garden planting things. I took Amélie downstairs, but I felt so rough I just had to go back to bed. I don't think I slept much more, and I woke up feeling somewhat dazed. I almost feel like I've got sunstroke, except there wasn't much sun today, and I wasn't in it for very long anyway.

The plan was to absolutely definitely and without fail go to bed at 10pm today, but it looks like that plan's already on the rocks as I feel wide awake. I'm getting so tired, no pun intended, of this going to bed too late, feeling too tired in the morning to be with Amélie, napping in the day etc. and repeat. I've tried to make this really clear to Lu, but she doesn't seem to be taking any notice (and I'm going to be a hypocrite tonight anyway). I'm also tired of feeling fat, again. Perhaps it's because my weight has crept up again. I love food, and I hate feeling fat. The classic problem.

It's sign on day tomorrow. I got a mysterious envelope last time which had an appointment card for tomorrow at 2:10pm. It gives no clue as to why I've got this appointment, and I have no clue whether I'm supposed to sign as as per normal, theoretically at 2:05pm. It's coming up to 6 months unemployed, so perhaps it's a pointless review meeting of some description.

Mum will also be over to at least cover while I'm in Farnborough. I suspect there will be discussions about money.

Tuesday and Wednesday it's website work time again. I'm debating whether I should put this on my CV to show I'm working. Although it's not the sort of work I'm looking for (ish).

And that's pretty much it for the week. I suspect Lu and I will be going to see the final part of Harry Potter and getting Mum to babysit. I'm debating whether it's best to go to a late showing so that there's a chance Amélie's asleep *before* we go, to save Mum some trouble. Or perhaps that's too risky a strategy if she doesn't fall asleep. Amélie will pretty much always fall asleep in the cot with me in the room, but I'm not sure whether she will with Mum there. This will be the first time we've been away from Amélie doing something by ourselves. We would have probably been doing it more if the money situation wasn't dire.


^Pizza noms!

Amélie on the Roundabout

^Amélie on the roundabout. Surprisingly she sat on this and held on, without needing any help once there.

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