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BB Piano
So it's pretty clear my weight issues revolve around self discipline. My self discipline is pretty bad for most things, which is probably why I'm lazy. I could be worse though. I'm self disciplined about time, work, and friends and family.

In other news...

Amélie woke up at 4:30am, but went back to bed until 7am. The plan was to go to Burger King for lunch (self discipline irony noted) at 12pm. Unfortunately Amélie slept until gone 1:30pm, and Lu was tired as well. Anyway, we prepped as much as we could before Amélie woke up, and then immediately headed off to Burger King in Aldershot. When we arrived it was being refurbished and was closed! So it was another speedy trip from there to Farnborough.

From Farnborough we went straight to the Bourne Fête, arriving around 3:30pm. It was packed with cars, but fortunately there was one space in the car park right next to the main marquee. It had been raining on and off all morning and early afternoon, but amazingly the sun came out as we arrived. Mum was in the main marquee, and it was great to see her. We walked all around the fête - apparently half the stallholders hadn't turned up because of the dreadful weather, which was sad. The whole fête is setup to raise money for the elderly. But fortunately things turned around when the weather changed and it filled with people. I got to sit in an alleged £2.5M Ferrari Dino.

We took Mum back home, and gave her birthday presents. We spent an hour or so together, and Amélie was on her usual hilarious form. She seems to be pointing to her nappy now when she's doing a pooh, and says something like "cocô" (pooh in Portuguese), which she did while we were at Mum and Dad's. Perhaps it's time to potty train her, although at the moment this seems to be happening in the afternoon, four of which a week are at nursery.

From Mum and Dad's we went to Nan's, and fortunately she was awake and in really good form. Amélie wanted to sit on a chair in the corner of her room, and hug a huge teddy bear that was there. Amélie was bouncing up and down and doing various silly things (we were singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", and she was doing the actions) and I've not seen Nan laugh so much for years. I remember Nan and I used to watch various comedies many years ago, and laugh lots.

From the nursing home we went to Sainsbury's, primarily to get some new plates. We ended up getting two of the Sainsbury's Basics sets, because they were so damn cheap. They feel a little flimsy, but we'll just have to be careful. Even if they fall to bits in the next year it will be better than our current set, as who knows what nasties they've been leaching into our food.

We got home around 7pm, and Amélie had another big meal (it seems like it's a growth spurt). I gave her a bath as Lu was tired, and she had a bit of a late bedtime around 9pm. Then Lu and I watched TV for the last 2 hours. Penn & Teller: Fool Us was excellent as usual - I'm a total sucker for magic shows. We also watched something I recorded earlier in the week called Small Teen, Bigger World, about a 16-year old who is basically very very short for her age. It was a very emotional programme, with her talking about her family, and meeting her Dad for the first time since she was born. Lu and I were teary eyed for most of it.

It's the Elvetham Heath Car Show tomorrow, which will be a chance to get some exercise at least, if it doesn't rain.

And some photos...


^Part of Bourne fête.

Me in a Ferrari

^Me in the Ferrari. Amazingly it wasn't a tight squeeze, but equally not the easiest car to get into without breaking things.

Mum & Amélie

^And birthday Mum with Amélie.

All 10 photos, mostly from today, are here at Flickr.