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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
It was another really difficult night. Although Amélie went to bed at 8pm she woke up at midnight, and then every 2-3 hours. Again I'm assuming the chickenpox was at fault, whether through pain or irritation. I have to admit that I really lost it around 2-3am, as I was just so tired. Lu ended up looking after her, and I went and slept on the sofa.

I woke at 9:30am to the sound of the door bell ringing, and through the haze of my recently awakened brain I suddenly remembered that Tesco were delivering. I assumed that the delivery guy didn't want to see me naked, so shouted a "just a minute!" at the front door and ran upstairs to put some clothes on.

I don't remember much of the morning, but I assume we did the usual mooch around the house and garden. Despite Amélie's interrupted night she didn't have a nap, which was a surprise. Lu left at the usual time, and Amélie stayed with me. Monday is no nursery day anyway, but she couldn't have gone either way. Mum turned up around 1:15pm, and I had to head off before 2pm to sign on. I wasn't there long, and was back before 3pm.

I was expecting to go for a walk with steveeeee, and wanted a bit of a break from Amélie, so Mum took her for a walk. I got a message from steveeeee after 4pm that he was running late, but I felt it better at that point to cancel; Mum isn't very happy about staying too late, so she can get home before the rush hour begins. I gave Mum a call, and it turned out she was still as the local pond, so I walked down to find her. Amélie was apparently having a lovely time just watching the other kids, who must all be off school.

We walked back to the house together, and then Mum headed off home. I went out in the garden with Amélie and watched her have a great time with some gravel, she's still obsessed by the stuff. Then I brought her inside after 5:30pm so I could make a start on dinner. I'm feeling more confident about leaving her to own devices both inside and outside in the garden, albeit keeping a weather eye on her every minute or so.

And that's another day. Things are starting to feel a bit dull and repetitive, although perhaps that's inevitable with Amélie not going to nursery, and not being able to go anywhere with lots of people. I think it could also be unemployment generally.

There's nothing planned for this week at all, other than a walk on Wednesday with steveeeee (although that may have to be with Amélie if she's still deemed too contagious for nursery, and assuming steveeeee doesn't mind being exposed to the contagion). I've also got another podcast or two that are more or less ready to go, but the last one was a bit naff (even by my own standards of naffness).